6 Easy Mother’s Day Card Ideas to Save Money

Savvy Mother's Day card ideas to save money

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Mother’s Day is a great way to show your mother and the other important women in your life how much they mean to you. Mother’s Day cards do not have to be expensive. Moms love getting homemade cards and creations. Special holidays like Mother’s Day can give you a chance to get savvy and personal at the same time. Below are 6 easy ways to save money on Mother’s Day cards.

Mother's Day card ideas that will show your love and save you money!

1. Canva

Canva is not a program just used by bloggers to make social media graphics. It can be used by anyone by signing up for free with just an email address. The program, Canva, has a lot of free graphics and design features that allow you to make the perfect Mother’s day card image. I used Canva to make the Pinterest cover for this article and you could use it the same way to print off and give it as your card. If your looking for creative Mother’s Day card ideas Canva can be your one stop shop.


2. Shutterfly

Shutterfly always has great deals! The program is super easy to use. What I like about using Shutterfly for Mother’s Day card ideas is they have pre-made templates that all you need to do is personalize. Shutterfly has a range of products from coffee mugs to calendars to cards. You can find great cards and gifts for a fraction of the price and even earn cash back through eBates.

Mother's Day card ideas that will show your love and save you money!

3. Tagxedo

As a teacher, I love using Tagxedo for personal creations. Tagxedo is an internet website where you type in words and pick different outlines that fill in your text into a word cloud. The texts can be different sizes/fonts for different words that you want to be emphasized. Tagxedo runs with a Silverlight program and can be best used on Internet Explorer or Firefox. One special aspect of this program is that you can turn creations that you make into gifts. Some options include a canvas tote, t-shirt, mugs, or mouse pads. Check out the Mother’s Day Tagxedo I made below!


Mother's Day card ideas that will show your love and save you money!


4. Circut/Silhouette/Cuttlebug

This option is only for people who have a Circut, Silhouette, or Cuttlebug machine. These machines are perfect for making creations for Mothers Day. I personally own a Circut and use it to make homemade cards in a pinch. You can make the design in the design space, send it to the machine, and voila! You have a personalized Mother’s Day card quick.


5. Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office products are programs that many of us millennials have grown up with and used. From Publisher to Word to PowerPoint, there are so many creative options. My personal favorite Office product that does not get utilized as much as it should is Publisher. I love the templates tool and you can pick from a wide range of different card sizes/styles. PowerPoint is another program that can be so special for moms. You can create a PowerPoint that tells them all the reasons why you love them. You could show the PowerPoint at your Mother’s Day brunch.


6. Old Fashioned Paper and Markers

Take it back old school, before all of the techy websites and programs. Use paper and markers to create a unique card. Use Google to search different unique sayings and then write from your heart. Mother’s will appreciate the hard work you put in and keep it for a unique keepsake. This option is great because it is FREE!


What Mother’s Day cards ideas do you have?

What Mother’s Day activities do you do each year?

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  1. These are all really great ideas! I love making my own cards, and my daughter does, too, now. We do it the old fashion way with craft supplies.

  2. Great post. Off to look at tagxedo. I already use canva for my blog, never thought of using it to make cards xx

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