7 Essential Items For Your Cruise

There is nothing better than having a cruise booked and you are counting down the days until you set sail. We love cruising! One of my favorite aspects of going on vacation is PACKING! I love to plan everything out and make sure that we will be comfortable at our destination. Below are 7 essential items that we have to bring with us when we cruise. This list has grown after each cruise and having the blessed opportunity to cruise 4 times we are confident this list will be extremely helpful. You can click each picture to bring you to the purchase page for each item.


1. Over the Door Shoe Rack

An ocruisever the door shoe rack is an essential item that we bring when we cruise. Interior cabins can have very limited space. This item allows for so much extra storage! Each time we have brought our shoe rack with us we have either hung it outside the bathroom door facing into the cabin or on one of the closet doors to hide away. Another great benefit to the shoe rack is that it folds down small for easy travel in a carry-on or luggage. For the price and space it provides you, it is a no-brainer when packing!

2. Power Stripcruise

This item has fallen second on our list because it is also an essential packing item. In the cabins the outlets are limited. One way we can be sure we will have enough outlets is to bring a power strip. One that I found online that we will surely be packing for our next cruise will be one with built-in USB ports. With phones, tablets, and camera cords power strips with built-in USB ports will provide us with exactly what we need.



3. Lanyard with ID Holder


While packing for previous cruise vacations, I came across a packing article talking about bringing a lanyard. If you have never cruised before every transaction completed on board is done with a card you are given on when you arrive. The card is used for everything (room entry, drink purchases, embarkment at a port)! Having the lanyard was crucial in always knowing where this all important card was located at all times. I purchased my lanyard cheap from eBay, but if you use one from your work just switch out your ID badge.



 4. Hand Sanitizercruise

One thing about going on a cruise for your vacation is that there are a lot of people in one place. Make sure that you do not ruin your trip by getting sick and pack hand sanitizer. Especially use it before meals! When you head into the dining room for dinner imagine how many people touched the menus before you. Take the proper precautions and clean your hands frequently.



5. Refillable Cup

cruiseIf you can make room in your suitcase, this item is essential because you will not have to refill your cup multiple times. You can bring it right up to the bar or to the buffet to fill your cup up with anything you want. Most of the cups are small so having your own cup will allow you to lay back and catch more rays. I know we have a ton of these cups in our cabinet and would not need to buy one, but if you need one pick one up like this cute Kate Spade cup.



6. Over the Shoulder Bagcruise

Anyone who knows me is aware of my Thirty-One obsession. One of my favorite bags that is perfect for any vacation is the retired inside out bag. The bag is the perfect size to fill it up with items for day excursions and being able to throw it over my shoulder. If you are looking for this exact bag, I would look on Poshmark or eBay.



7. Sea-Band Wristband

cruiseEach cruise was unique to the amount of movement we felt while on board. Out of the four the cruises, there was only one time where the boat was really rocking where I was feeling sick. As soon as I placed these bands on my wrists, I began to feel better. The price is good and you can reuse them time and time again. Another benefit is that they are small and will not take up any room in your luggage.


What are your go-to items that you bring with you on a cruise? Please share your tips!


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