About Us


To begin with, we are Kelan and Brittany- actively healthy, budget crazy, frugal spenders and high school sweethearts! “Our goal is to help the struggling Millennial start living frugal & free so that you can enjoy the important things in life”.

If you are a MILLENNIAL looking to live a frugal and free life, this is the blog for you! The Savvy Couple wants you to enjoy life to the fullest and get the most out of every dollar! Our professional backgrounds in e-commerce, customer service, and teaching have given us plenty of knowledge and experience to speak from. This blog will offer advice on budgetinginvesting, savvy spending, healthy living, and travel.


It all started in the year 1994, well that’s only somewhat true. It actually started 10 years later or our freshman year in high school. When we began dating we found out that we were in the same preschool class. Crazy how we could meet again in the same American Sign Language class 10 years later after both of us failing Spanish.


Our first date was to freshman formal with our group of friends. The next week Kelan asked Brittany to begin dating in the back of our high school and you could say the rest was history from that day on May 24, 2005.


After graduating high school, we began to form our life together. We attended the same colleges, got a dog and began to set a frugal and free life into place. The year 2013 was a big financial year for us. We got married and bought our first house at age 22.

We are similar to the average millennials trying to balance all aspects of life and still trying to live each day to its fullest. We created this blog in the summer of 2016  wanting to share our life experiences in the most savvy ways.


As we are millennials, it is only normal for us to be obsessed with social media and keep you instantly connected to our savvy life. Follow, Tweet, Like and Share as you come along on this journey with us!