April 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

We doubled our blog traffic in one month! In this post we go through step by step how we made this happen.

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Hey $avvy people! We set out last month with a hefty goal of increasing our blog traffic to 6,000 page views. We destroyed that goal by more than 2,500! We continue to see hard work pays off. Below we will lay out exactly what we did last month to double our page views from 4,356 to 8,664.

We doubled our blog traffic in one month! In this post we go through step by step how we made this happen.


April Blog Traffic


We doubled our blog traffic in one month! In this post we go through step by step how we made this happen.

Eight months into blogging part-time we are very excited to see this kind of growth. We had a long-term goal of 10,000 page views a month by the end of summer, screw that we are going for 25,000!

Writing these blog traffic updates have been very beneficial in our growth. They allow us to publish our goals publically so we are held accountable for them. The same trick works when you are trying to lose weight.

We also believe it’s important to share our success and failures for others to learn from. Life is MUCH more rewarding when you give back!


Goals from Last Month

  • Grow blog traffic to 6,000 total views. 
  • Explode our Pinterest following to over 1,000 (we got close)
  • Double our Twitter following to 5,000 (Almost)
  • Grow Facebook page likes to 400
  • Increase Instagram to 2,300 followers
  • Guest post for another blog
  • Continue to grow affiliate sales
  • Look into upgrading our website to genesis or thesis framework
  • Live more frugal & free <3  (Vacation to Virginia Beach)


April Articles

We had some very popular posts in April that drove a majority of our blog traffic. We again stuck to our Monday morning weekly schedule for our best post of the week. This strategy seems to work best so we can promote our own content early in the week, then switch over to guest posts later in the week.

We also starting reaching out to other bloggers, experts, early retirees to learn more about their life. These have been very popular and we will continue to do these. It’s great learning from those older and wiser =).

Consistency has been key to our readership growth. In April we were able to publish eleven articles to our blog. We also wrote two guest post on Get Money Got Money & Financialli Focused about leaving a job you hate and our blogging journey.

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Social Media Following

This month we were supposed to really focus our attention to Pinterest. Well, once again we fell short. It’s hard to focus on a social media platform that we only get a few views a day from. It’s definitely a “long-term investment” platform. Pinterest is basically a content search engine so people wanting to read about personal finance are actually on there looking for blogs writing about it. It’s also great for “evergreen” content. Your pins never go away and always have a chance to go viral. We put a lot of time into researching and educating ourselves on how the platform works.

Facebook continues to be our biggest driver in traffic. We post 2-3 times a day to our Facebook page The Savvy Couple which tends to drive a fair amount of traffic. Our secret sauce has been Facebook groups! It’s literally a plethora of reads waiting for good content in a niche market. We also use Facebook groups to do a lot of our market research. Our suggestion is to join a few that are in your niche and hang out for a few weeks. See what everyone is posting about, what questions they have, and decide how you can help them. Only post 1-2 times a week and always read the group rules.

This month we saw some great growth in our Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest accounts. We had a blast using Instagram on our Virginia Beach vacation. It’s a perfect platform to share “behind the scenes” type of stuff.

Facebook: 495 page likes (80% increase from 275) 

Twitter: 4,455 followers (116% increase from 2060)

Pinterest: 925 followers (40% increase from 660)

Instagram: 2,202 followers (1.5% increase from 2,171)

Email List: 177 subscribers (77% increase from 100)


What Worked to Grow Our Blog Traffic

Marketing and lots of it! We continue to use Buffer and HootSuite in combination for our social media accounts. These SMM platforms are great for engaging and setting up automatic posts.

Networking has really been HUGE in growing our blogging traffic. We love subscribing to others in our industry of personal finance and reading their blog posts to get inspiration from. Learning is something we really enjoy, so reading others blog posts about personal finance, money, investing, budgeting, retirement, is a no-brainer.

Working on the blog as a true business has been our mindset from the start. We started using our free year subscription to QuickBooks to track our monthly expenses and income. If you want to be successful in blogging treat it as a business from day one. 

We hustled, plain and simple. On our vacation, we both brought our laptops and worked countless hours on the blog. It sounds terrible to “work” on vacation, but when you are doing something you love it’s really not working. Since we are still working on our blog part-time we have to take advantage of any extra time we get.


What Did Not Work to Grow Our Blog Traffic

One of our struggles was getting organic traffic from Google. We honestly thought that by now we would be getting more traffic organically from people searching Google. We do have a couple posts that are ranking fairly high, but nothing significant. Since Google drives so much traffic to sites we are definitely keeping an eye on our SEO (search engine optimization).

We are relying on Facebook groups too much to drive traffic. As we have stated before, Facebook group traffic is very temporary. They come, read the article, then leave. We were able to grow our email list quite a bit from the added traffic, but it’s still not the best traffic to be going after.

Our email list is still giving us trouble. It’s difficult to post a new article early Monday morning and have the email list go out before leaving for work. We have been waking up around 5:30 am to help make this happen. Definitely looking for new ways of making this more efficient. We will also be rolling out an opt-in to increase our email subscribers.

We still suck at Pinterest =). It’s a work in progress and we are finally seeing some of the hard work pay off. Lot’s more improvement to come.

Our bounce rate is still high. We are researching ways to reduce this. The last thing we want are readers coming to the site reading one article then bouncing.


Goals for May

  • Grow blog traffic to 12,000 monthly views
  • Increase our Pinterest followers to 1,600
  • Twitter following to 6,000
  • Grow Facebook page to 800 likes
  • Increase Instagram to 2,300 followers
  • Guest post for another blog
  • Continue to grow affiliate sales from multiple companies
  • Get a paid sponsored post
  • Upgrade our site to X Theme
  • Live more frugal & free <3

Looking forward to what May has in store for our site! I am leaving my full-time job in pursuit of 100% self-employment this month so I will have much more time to work on our site. Brittany is also getting closer to Summer break from her teaching job so we will have all hands on deck over the summer, exciting!

If you’re interested in starting your own blog we highly recommend using Blue Host as your website hosting company! Through our exclusive link, you will get a free domain name for an entire year and monthly hosting starting at just $3.95 per month! If you have any question on how to get started or are looking for some blog coaching shoot us an email at savvyklines@gmail.com, we will be happy to help point you in the right direction.



How are you growing your blog or small business?



Kelan is a born entrepreneur! While in college studying business and finance Kelan was able to grow his e-commerce business to over $50,000 a year. After being an Insurance Salesman, UPS Driver, and Jail Deputy Kelan has come full circle with his burning desire to be 100% self-employed. Kelan currently runs The Savvy Couple full time with a passion for helping others get money $avvy.

75 Replies to “April 2017 Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

  1. Thanks for sharing. As a new blog . . . this level of detail is helpful. At first, I planned to not build a FB page, but I think it’s a good idea now. I had about 750 views in my first month, but it’s seemed to slow down a bit . . . I do wonder . . . how frequently should you post? Twice a week . . .? Once a week? More than that seems a bit much, but what do I know . . . lol. Thanks again.

    1. We post twice a day at select times. Normally post 50% of our own articles and 50% other items that we think our readers will enjoy. (Funny pictures, gifs, articles, videos). It’s all about creating a community and engaging with everyone.

  2. This is really interesting to read. As a new blogger ( 3months in) I am stuck at 8000 views per month. Instagram seems so fleeting too. You can get 10 follows, and then 11 unfollows a moment later! And I agree about Pinterest, it is a hard one to crack!

    1. Yea we are hoping we can continue the growth but at some point we will slow down. Actually, this month has been fairly slow so far. We agree Instagram is a very tough platform. It seems that most bloggers get their traffic from Pinterest so that’s where we are focusing going forward. We use Instagram to motivate and show behind the scenes of our life. Each social media platform has a unique was of using it. Trail and error.

  3. I am always looking for new ways to grow and new strategies to try. It sounds like you guys are on the right path 🙂

  4. This was SO interesting to me! I am not yet 6 months old so new to most of the blog world. haven’t even started to try and master Pinterest yet, facebook seems to be my forte! Thanks for sharing this!

  5. You have some great stats here! Congrats! Good luck with your goals. I’m always striving to build my blog and social media accounts as well.

  6. Great tips. I am going to save this article. I also like the goals you set, something i need to work on as well

    1. We will be doing this monthly so make sure you come back.

      Goals have always seemed to work with us. Whether is marriage, sports, income, savings having something written down on paper works.

  7. I read this article more than once. I have been blogging 2 months and could reach my first goal, 4000 views last month. Aim for 6000 this month. Thanks for the information. I have account in wordpress.com so am unable to add google ads. Do you think I should migrate? Word ads I have initiated but it needs minimum traffic to start on my page.

        1. If you plan on switching do it sooner rather than later. Your numbers sound awesome already. What is your website called?

          We always recommend Blue Host to anyone wanting to start their own website. We have links on our site for discounts on their service. If you have any questions feel free to ask.

          1. Just through social media. Mostly fb. Yeah for monetization i have to migrate ASAP. I have left my job as an engineer to become a full time blogger. My fiance has been very supportive. But I treat this like a business now. Hope it grows soon.

  8. Good luck with all of your goals. I can certainly understand the feeling that you are relying too heavily on the Facebook groups that you are a part of. You want those people to be genuine followers. Although I am still in awe of your social media skills. I am starting slowly and have been at this for about 3 and a half months now. But it’s taking time growing those accounts. And then the traffic from those accounts with maybe the exception of a boost from stumble upon every now and then is genuinely small. I keep plugging away though.

  9. 3 goals are left out of your original set of goals? That’s awesome. Good to know that your hard work is paying off. Congratulations!

  10. I love seeing how other bloggers are doing, thankyou for so honest! I am not quite at your level and it helps when I can learn from other peoples methods.

  11. Great tips! I’m s new blogger and am looking for ways to build my blog too. Love how detailed this was.

  12. I need to look in to Buffer and Hootsuite! I don’t use either yet but it sounds like they would be helpful!

    Using Tailwind has helped me tremendously with being able to work on my Pinterest marketing without having to spend all day every day on it.

    1. Yea tailwind has been a topic of interest for us. We currently use board booster but need to get on the tailwind game. Our Pinterest game needs to grow BIG time. Losing a lot of traffic by not using it enough.

  13. Thanks for sharing your goals vs what you achieved! This is very inspiring information for people who’d love to find ways to generate revenue from blogging. What do you feel was the best thing you did to achieve you website traffic goals?

    1. For a simple answer, it’s having a willingness to learn. Never reinvent the wheel. There are thousands of bloggers making a full-time income from blogging so learn from them. Jump into the blogging community and learn!

  14. This is such an awesome idea to share your goals monthly! Thanks for being up front and open with how your blog is doing, and for the tips. I am constantly trying to increase my blog traffic and my social media audiences on Facebook and Twitter. I haven’t heard of Buffer or Hootsuite, so I guess I’ll have to check those out!

    Good luck in your first month of full time blogging!

    1. Thanks! We use buffer to schedule our tweets to go out each day (10 for free). Hootsuit we use to interact with other bloggers account and keep an eye on all of our social media. At first we tried picking one or the other but they honestly work great together.

  15. You were the second “message from the Universe” to suggest Facebook groups. I just joined a few to see what they are all about. I also enjoyed hearing you talk about Pinterest as I’ve been struggling to get my head around using that platform. I think I’ll trust my instincts and pass for you. Thank you! The Lady @ ladyintheblack.com

    1. Facebook groups are amazing! We learn so much about our audience and use it to leverage traffic as well. As far as Pinterest I would recommend checking out “Create and Go” on youtube. They have some amazing videos to help learn Pinterest.

  16. Congratulations on meeting your goals! I’m amazed that your aren’t getting most of your traffic from Pinterest! I would love to get more traffic other than Pinterest! Pinterest can get confusing and there are still little things that do not make sense to me but for the most part I have it figured out. Joining group boards can help immensely. There is a Pinterest course on my site in the “making money from home post” under blogging. It does a great job explaining it. Facebook is frustrating for me. I might get 1 view a day from there. Maybe I need to post more often? If you ever need quick answers on Pinterest contact me!

    1. We will deferentially check out your course. Facebook was our main social channel before starting the blog so it’s come second nature to us. Still trying to grow our page, slow process without buying ads.

  17. Great post! Love to see all that worked and didn’t work for you.

    If you don’t mind me asking, what were your biggest traffic sources? I assume Facebook is one of them as you mentioned you reply on groups.

    I think your page views are quite impressive for the social following you have! So thank you so much for sharing and congratz on the amazing growth!

    Ana – Blogger at http://www.TheSheApproach.com and big supporter of women who are building an empire online through blogging!

  18. Hi Kelan & Brittany, this is totally a delayed thank you but your blog progress posts helped me a lot in my first month. I gave you guys a shout out on the post but I was too shy to spam you on Twitter.

    Thank you for these reports! You guys have amazingly crazy growth! I am stuck in between a rock and a hard place on Pinterest with 43 followers but I’m getting the hang of it. Facebook is a hard sell from what I’ve read. Can’t wait for next month’s!

  19. Hey Savvy Couple,

    Great site. Really encouraging to read about your numbers and progress! Feel free to check out my new FI/RE blog if you’re so inclined (www.doggedfi.com). I’d love any positive or constructive feedback you can offer. Also would be down to do a guest post if you’re interested! Keep up the motivating posts!! Cheers.


  20. Hey Savvy Couple – Seeing your goals for your blog and tracking them has motivated me to do the same. Which analytics plugin are you using? Just Google Analytics through Google or something different?

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