How To Get Cheap College Textbooks

Cheap College Textbooks

One of the biggest expenses in college is the cost of textbooks. They can be outrageously expensive! I wish that I knew these tips sooner in my college career. With being in school for a consecutive seven-year span, these tips will help you find Cheap College Textbooks saving you hundreds! Every dollar saved through your college career is another dollar you don’t have to pay back on your student loans! ~ this article contains affiliate links.

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Where to Start for Free Textbooks?

As soon as the textbook list becomes available from a professor, it is time to start searching for a cheap college textbook price (FREE).  After you read the textbook list, you need to take ACTION! Follow along closely.

Open two browsers on your computer page. One browser will be the textbook list and the other will be your college library catalog search. I would copy and paste each book into the catalog search and pray that it was available. If your school does have a copy of the textbook, the first thing I do is right down where it is located in the library. If your school does not have the textbook, the next step I would do is open another browser for your local public libraries. This does take some time, but it is all worth it in finding cheap college textbooks.


How to Renew From The Library?

Most textbooks you do not need after college and if you do you can just take them out of the library again. What happens when the time frame on your books is going to expire? With most libraries, you will get an email stating that your books will be due back in a few days. Just renew them! Normally you are allowed three renews for each book, which equals out to about three months. If you still need the textbook and you do not have any renews left there are a few things that you can do. The first thing is to bring it back in person and explain to the library the situation. They will most likely renew it again for you. If the school has another copy of the text just bring back your other copy and take out the other. Or you can return the textbook and have a friend take it out on their account. This tip is a sure fire way to keep your cheap college textbooks. Who doesn’t love free? I know The Savvy Couple does!


My Textbooks are Not Available at Any Library?

If you searched the libraries and your books are not available, another way to save on textbooks is to email your professor. Introduce yourself and tell them you are looking into purchasing your textbooks for their class. Ask them if there is a previous edition of the book that you would be able to purchase that will still meet the needs of the reading and workload. This was another huge cost saving strategy that I would use to save money on textbooks. When new editions come out for textbooks they are so expensive. If your professor gives you the green light to buy the previous edition DO IT! The content will be the same and you will have more money in your pocket. A lot of the time, old editions will be 70%-90% cheaper than the new edition of my experience.

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Your Professor Does Not Approve Of a Different Edition Textbook?

If both of the above tips still do not work for you, it’s not game over. You can go in half with a classmate and share the textbooks with them. You could also talk/email around to previous people in your program who took the class already and ask to borrow the books. If you are taking a class this semester that your friend took last semester and they plan on taking the class you are in this semester, each of you buys the textbooks that you need and then swaps. They will not be free, but they will help cut down on some of the cost.


What are your favorite ways to save on college textbooks? Share your ideas below!


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