5 Simple Steps for Easy Weight Loss

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Does “easy weight loss” really exist? To be honest not really.

Weight loss, fitness, and healthy living are some of the most common and sought after goals people have every day. No matter what age you are being fit and living a healthy lifestyle can have a huge positive impact on your daily life.

Below is a short list of steps I took for my easy weight loss. We are committed to bringing you some great tips, tricks, and advice for easy weight loss and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Weight Loss can be a very long and difficult road! If you stay focused and follow these 5 easy weight loss steps you will be well on your way to reaching your goals.

Weight Loss | Fitness | Easy Weight Loss | Weight Loss Tips | Workout

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1) Have a goal and be committed

If you are not ready to fully commit to losing weight and getting fit then wait until you are truly ready to commit. I use to say “I’ll start next week” for months on end. If you still have this mindset then figure out how to change it. Figure out your goal and tell as many people as possible, this will make you feel accountable. Trust me you can achieve anything you truly put your mind to!


2) Learn how to be disciplined for easy weight loss

You need to be prepared to say “no”….a lot. Losing weight takes a ton of discipline. Everything you eat is a choice and although saying “no” to a bag of chips, ice cream, and donuts is hard it’s a must. Starting out is the hardest part but it becomes routine. You will soon learn that those donuts sitting in front of you will be there again (Seriously, though…That was a struggle). Stick to your “plan” for 30 days and it will become second nature. All habits take around 30 days to truly become a habit from my experience.


3) Use MyFitnessPal daily to track calories

Use MyFitnessPal every day and count everything that touches your mouth. You will be surprised how much you actually eat in a day. A vast majority of people way underestimate their caloric intake on a daily basis. The only true way to find this out is to count them. Don’t cheat counting or you’re defeating the purpose. This app allows you to enter your height, weight, activity level, goal weight loss, etc. Myfitnesspal will then provide you with a caloric intake goal for each day. This makes it super simple and easy to follow.

If you are interested in learning how to lose weight by meal planning $5 Meal Plan is an amazing service!

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4) Use Fitbit to track your calorie burn

After my getting my Fitbit HR Charge I was able to track my calories burned every day. Granted these types of devices are not as accurate as I would like, it still provides a good measurement of how active you were for the day. If you are burning more calories than you consume you will lose weight, it’s that SIMPLE! Be careful these things can become addicting when you first get one.


5) Stay as active as possible

All of these steps were critical in my weight loss but staying as active as possible was probably the most important. Make everything a game and try to BURN calories in everything you do. Some examples: Run up the stairs, Park far away, walks everywhere you can, walk your dog, run, bike, swim, basketball, racquetball, tennis, lift weights, and just MOVE! Our bodies were are not designed to stay sedentary for a long time so stop being lazy and get active. Once you get used to being active you will soon learn that the world opens up. You will begin to find new hobbies and even make new friends, it’s a win-win all around!


If I can do it YOU can do it!

I had SERIOUS doubts if I would be able to reach my goal of losing 40 lbs. I stayed disciplined/committed to the journey and it got easier and easier along the way. Reach out to family and friends, tell them you are starting on your journey of getting fit and living a healthy lifestyle. The more people that have your back and hold you accountable the better. Even leave a comment here and I got your back!

Obviously, there are many more tips, hints, tricks that I used along the way. I will continue to write posts that are more in depth and provide an even greater source of knowledge to losing weight the easy way.

Disclaimer – I am not a health expert in any way, these are the steps that worked for me and I am sure they will work for you.


What are some steps you took to loose weight?




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