Can you Pass the Test to be a Mature Millennial?

Mature Millennial

T$C is happy to share another guest post on our site. This post comes from my cousin Mike Premo. Mike is an Engineering Manager at Bosch. He studied electrical engineering and also recently got his MBA. Mike has been a huge role model, motivator, and mentor in my life. So, with Mike being a thriving Mature Millennial it is with great pleasure he is willing to share his thoughts on our site. This is a great article to make you think about how you can alter your life, to ensure you reach your financial goals, and ultimately financial freedom.

Mature Millennials

Childlike Reflection

Let’s do something really quickly.  Go to the bathroom or find the closest mirror. Take a snapshot of what you see, your reflection or who’s looking back at you. What do you notice?  Yes, you happen to look very cute or suave right now, but do you see anything deeper? If you look hard enough you might see a childlike reflection looking back … No, this is not the kid at heart or fun-loving side of your soul (which we all love!), but something less innocent, less innocuous. It tends to especially take habitation in each one of us millennials, coming to the surface at the most inopportune times to direct your path to financial failure.  Its name is Immaturity.

Pleasure Seeking

This child in your life will participate in most “adult” decisions you make.  Whether choosing the type of phone plan and latest tech gear, shopping for clothing and groceries, or selecting from the different housing and car options/features.  If you let Immaturity steer the majority of your financial decisions, you may end up grounded or shipwrecked.
Just ask any child this simple question: “Would you like one of your favorite candy right now, or five of them tomorrow?”  Guess what the answer is (I’ve tested it on my young kids)?  RIGHT NOW!!  What does tomorrow even mean to a child?  Immediacy is the idol of most (all?) children, and unfortunately, this can follow us into our more mature adult state if we don’t get a handle on it.

Postpone Pleasure

I’ve found that one of the most helpful mindsets to financial success is the idea of postponing pleasure.  Immaturity says, “Let’s get the best and brightest toy now.”  Maturity asks, “Can I afford this, or am I better served to wait?”  A great financial philosopher of our time once said to “Live like no one else, so that later you can live like no one else.”  Did you get the gist?
If you can postpone pleasure and live without certain niceties now, you will be able to build a sounder financial foundation that allows you to enjoy most pleasures later on in life. Why choose one sweet treat today (at 18% interest!? or full price?!) when you can have five tomorrow at no interest, on sale, or with last year’s model?

Mature Millennial

I believe immaturity and immediate fulfillment is one of the greatest detriments to Millennials achieving financial success in their lives. This is neither a skill-set to learn nor a strategy to apply.  It is a reflection of the soul that needs to alter.  Yet, once adjusted, it allows for a long-term diligence that makes one rich. I challenge you to start thinking differently today; make a concerted effort to wait overnight before making a large purchase, or decide to wait until you have money saved up to buy that new laptop or TV.
Don’t worry, after many years walking this path you will be able to enjoy the latest gear, dinner out every week, a nice house, or a new car … at full price … IF you want to … and you won’t have to sacrifice your financial future to do it!

What are some things you can change to be more of a Mature Millennial?

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