Mont Tremblant: How to Enjoy Skiing on a Budget

Some easy travel hacks to help you save on your next ski vacation.

Some easy travel hacks to help you save on your next ski vacation.This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.

Our ski trip to Mont-Tremblant in Québec, Canada was one to remember! This was not our first time vacationing there and it will not be our last. We made a travel video at the end of this post to capture all of our memories. This is something we plan on doing every time we go on vacation, we want to bring you guys with us =).

We always prioritize making life long memories from experiences over material things. Thus our website slogan “living frugal & free”. Below you will find information about our winter trip and ways that we were $avvy along the way.



We drove to Mont-Tremblant from New York, which was about a 7-hour drive. We saved a ton of money on airfare and just paid for the cost of gas. On our way up to Canada, we stopped in Montreal for one night where we were able to skate on the world’s largest outdoor skating rink. It’s quite the experience, highly recommended!


Resort at Mont Tremblant

The resort that we stayed at was part of Kelan’s parents time share. What we love about this place is that it is a few miles away from the mountain, so it’s significantly cheaper than staying at the actual mountain. Also, the resort has a lake in front of it that freezes over in the winter. We love to go out to ice skate, play hockey, and soak in the views.

Our resort was like a small condo with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a living room, dining room, and a kitchen. Having a kitchen is great when traveling because you can go shopping and make your own food for a week. If the price is right we always recommend getting a place with a kitchen. Cooking your own food compared to eating out is a great way to save money.

Check out the resort here: Club Privilege


Skiing at Mont Tremblant

Unfortunately, global warming caused the temperatures to be much higher than normal. The weather was pretty rainy and caused the ski conditions to not be ideal later in the week. Who would have expected the gondola to close due to thunder and lighting? However, that did not hold back Kelan and he made sure to get in as much skiing as the weather allowed.

Lift tickets are always a big expense on a ski trip. We lucked out traveling to Canada when the exchange rate was $.30 cent in our favor. In the past, we used a company called Liftopia to buy tickets in advance and save. They offer some great deals on some of the most popular mountains in the world.

The food was incredible

The best part of any vacation! Like I stated above, we had a full kitchen so we tried to eat at the condo as much as possible. However, the mountain has food that we can never turn down! Our two Canadian favorites include Beaver Tails and poutine. Beaver Tails are long strips of fried dough with fudge and toppings. Kelan’s favorite is Reese’s and mine is Oreo. Poutine is a traditional Québec snack with french fries, gravy poured over and topped with cheese curds. Out of this world!


Activities at Mont Tremblant

When we weren’t skiing, we were hanging out at the base of the mountain or chilling at the condo. The base of the mountain has an amazing village. There is a people mover that you can jump on and it will take you to the village. The village has a lot of unique stores and restaurants.

There is also a small water park that has a gym, pools, and hot tubs. We love to go in the hot tubs after a long day of skiing. The mountain closes at 4:00 pm. One savvy move we figured out was if you wait until the last hour of the water park being open the price is almost half off. You really don’t need more than an hour there, so the savings is totally worth it.

At the resort, we brought a lot of stuff from home to entertain us. We brought board games, cards, Amazon Fire Stick and our computers. This vacation gave us a lot of time to blog. What is better than blogging on vacation? We also walked to a lake to go ice skating and walked around the town that we stayed at. The benefit of driving to a resort like this is that we had our car so we were able to go a couple of towns over for shopping and sightseeing.

Overall our biggest cost was eating out and our tickets for skiing. Kelan’s parents covered the cost of the condo with trading a week of their timeshare. It was a great week to get away and allowed for fun and relaxation! We hope to get back to Tremblant soon!



What is your favorite ski resort?




Brittany is a born teacher! She is dedicated to her education earning her bachelor's degree in childhood and special education with a master's degree in literacy. Working as a teacher full-time, The Savvy Couple comes second, but is her first priority in her free time over the summer. Her frugal lifestyle and always looking for ways to save money add a crucial element to the blog.

6 Replies to “Mont Tremblant: How to Enjoy Skiing on a Budget

  1. We love skiing but it can be so expensive! The mountain closest to us has night skiing from 3:30-9pm where lift tickets are only $20. It’s a great deal.

    1. That’s a great deal! Our local mountain is an hour away. On Saturday nights they charge $25 from 4-10pm. That is normally the only time we go to save money. Definentally not the cheapest sport in the world. Nothing like hitting some fresh powder and enjoying the freedom of carving through the mountain though =)

  2. Sounds like a great and relatively frugal trip! Skiing is basically the most expensive hobby in the world, so any time you can take a ski trip without sobbing into your empty wallet, you know you’ve done okay.

    Whistler is the best mountain I’ve ever been to, but the crowds are out of control. So I’m a big fan of Snowmass/Aspen, Steamboat, and Vail.

    1. Hey Money Wizard thanks for stopping by!

      Agreed it’s definitely an expensive hobby. We normally go to our local mountain (Bristol) every other weekend during the winter. They charge $25 per person for 6 hours of skiing, not a bad deal at all. We have been to Whistler once and it was incredible. On our list to venture farther.

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