Get The Most From NFL Training Camp

Training Camp

Most people who know us, know how big of Pittsburgh Steelers fans we are. Our love for them has only grown as we have been able to travel on our own to Steelers events. In the past, we have been to preseason games, regular season games and now we can officially say Training Camp 2016!

With this being our first time at camp, there were a lot of things that we learned about opening day that we would like to share with you if you ever plan on traveling to Saint Vincent College in Latrobe.


1. Arrive Early

If you want to experience being close and personal to players as they walk out to practice for the time of the new season you need to get there early. As we approached the dorms, there was a long line waiting to get into the blocked off area. We arrived at training camp around 12:30 and walked directly toward the dorms. They let us back in the restricted area section around 1:15. We cut the line by walking up the grass and became one of the first ones in the blocked off area. We did a lot of waiting as players did not start walking out to practice until 2:45.


2. Bring Memorabilia

When you arrive at training camp, you do walk through a merchandise section to purchase memorabilia. Of course, the items are overpriced and we would not be The Savvy Couple if we did not bring our own items for players to sign. We brought two terrible towels and our wedding towel that we recreated to look like a terrible towel. We also brought three sharpie markers, hats, jerseys, and shirts.

Side Note: Bring a clipboard or something hard to place under your memorabilia to make it easier for players to sign. Also, bring sharpies and lots of them, they dry out quickly.


3. Go For The Memory

Our goal was not to get players to sign our towels. We had a blast seeing all the players walk out for the first day of practice and wishing them an awesome season. Now, don’t get us wrong, we did get signatures on our towels and it is great to have on our towels to look back at the memory we made.

Side Note: Players were more focused to getting to the field on time then to stop and sign memorabilia, so don’t get stuck on that aspect of camp. The players really were drawn to signing items for kids so rent a kid to bring with you if don’t have one.


4. Pack Properly

As we were packing, we had the thought of bringing camping chairs, but in the madness of packing, we forgot to bring them. It was 90 degrees and we were hot! Shade was not plentiful. Make sure to bring the following items: water bottles ($2.00 at camp), chair, umbrella, sunscreen, camera, and a great attitude.

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5. Have Fun and Make Memories at Training Camp

We had a great time being able to share in the excitement with STEELER NATION! We are pumped to spend the next two days at Steelers Training Camp and pray the weather holds up.

Here are some pictures from the opening day!


Training Camp



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