Online Bill Pay and the Many Benefits

Online Bill Pay is where it’s at! We are far past the days of balancing a checkbook. What a waste of time! Kelan and I can both remember our parents taking the time to check over the checkbooks at the end of the month to make sure that everything was accounted for. Those days are certainly in the past, and thank God! Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of online bill pay.

I think growing up with baby boomer parents has taught us the importance of knowing when a bill was due. Sitting at the table working on homework, my mother would open a bill and plan out when the check had to be mailed in order to make it in time to be paid. Talk about a waste of time! Being a millennial, there is no need worry about when to send a check in to make sure you don’t get hit with that dreadful LATE FEE.


Technology Can Save You Time and Money!

We RARELY if ever use checks/cash. If we do, it is the rare occasion of a business not accepting credit cards. The Savvy Couple pays every bill with a credit or debit card, this is important for a few reasons.

The first reason is you do not need to worry about any late fees. With automatic payments, we know exactly what day and how much will be charged to our credit card, great for budgeting!

The second reason is you save time and money by not worrying about what our parents had to worry about, no check balancing here. Another reason that it is important to set-up online bill pay is paying your bills on time each month helps with building your credit. The last reason is we get to build our cash back with our rewards program for our credit card.

Your reoccurring bills get paid each month so why not earn cash back or miles while doing so! We got our new Capital One credit card 3 months ago and have almost 60,000miles = $600 saved for our next vacation. It goes without saying that if you are using a credit card you need to be responsible and pay off your bill every month.


Use Online Bill Pay to Your Favor

Some companies offer you discounts for paying your bills online. Our garbage company offers one month free for paying online and on time. Often times companies will provide you with a credit if you ask to go to auto pay. Also, think of the inconvenience you have when you pay a bill through the mail. You need to make sure you always have envelopes and stamps on hand. You might think to yourself how cheap the cost of a stamp is, but the reality is over time those stamps are going to add up. Look at this math with our monthly bills:

  • 10 bills x $.49 = $4.90
  • 12 months x $4.90= $58.80

That $60 could be used to pay one of our bills!


Go Paperless

In addition to paying your bills online, another benefit is that you no longer get bills sent to your house. Setting up paperless bills allows you to stay organized and not have the constant paper clutter in your house. You are also helping out the environment so why not go paperless!  In addition, you do not need to worry about your payment being lost or late in the process of sending a payment back. GO GREEN!

Online Bill Pay



The baby boomer generation is notorious for being scared to use online methods to pay their bills. They are fearful of getting their information stolen. Companies that take your online payment have become more secure over the years and have put into place systems to protect its users.

Make sure to keep your username/email safe and have a password that is difficult. Even put into a place system where you rotate through different passwords every 3-6 months. As millennials would say, there is an app for that. They now have apps where you can keep track of all your passwords and be able to access it at your fingertips while keeping it safe.


Do you use online bill pay?


Brittany is a born teacher! She is dedicated to her education earning her bachelor's degree in childhood and special education with a master's degree in literacy. Working as a teacher full-time, The Savvy Couple comes second, but is her first priority in her free time over the summer. Her frugal lifestyle and always looking for ways to save money add a crucial element to the blog.

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