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We do 90% of our online shopping through Amazon. My brother in law actually works for them, which makes it even better. Amazon has anything and everything you could ever ask for. They have been and will continue to be the best online shopping experience around. Free two-day shipping does not get any better. Tons of deals and great products. I also know first hand how hard it is to maintain their selling standards so you know you are always getting good products, just read the reviews. Click the ling below the picture to the left to start a FREE 30-day trial Amazon Prime Membership. Don’t forget that honey also works with amazon! Start being savvy and start saving!

INVESTING:  Betterment/Robinhood

BetterentBetterment is your one stop shop for us Millennials! As you know in our previous posts starting to invest at a young age is critical in becoming financially free in the future. Betterment, which is basically a fancy front-end for Vanguard funds. In exchange for extremely low fee’s (.15% to .35%) you get automatic rebalancing and tax loss harvesting, which generally saves much more than your annual fee! Plus a very convenient website and application based user interface which makes investing and learning about investing loads more fun. Check them out! We highly recommend them!

RobinhoodRobinhood is one of my favorites! This company makes a mobile app that allows you to buy and sell stocks for FREE! I am not lieing to you, it is completely FREE. They are the only company I know of offering this service for FREE at this time. They make their money by investing any funds left in members accounts after trading stocks. Right now I have $4 left over in my account that is not invested, $4 from their thousands of accounts gives them some great investing power. Very easy to use and set up and they continue to come out with new and improved features. Stock can be the most volatile investment you can make so make sure you do some research before you start trading. is a great source of stock information. We highly recommend them!


FREE Money ManagementThe best thing about Mint is that it makes budgeting super easy! Plus it is completely FREE! If you’re not sure where to start with getting your finances organized, Mint will help you see your financial picture with fancy graphs, pie charts, and reminders. Highly Recommend!