5 Easy Ways To Save Money On A Weekly Basis

Save Money

Save MoneyHere are 5 quick and easy ways to save money through everyday choices that you make.

1. Coffee

Trust me, this one I had to put number one because it is the hardest one for me. I love stopping for coffee on the way to work. Not only does it taste delicious, but it is so convenient. If you are anything like me I would rather spend the extra time in the car on the way to work and stop then to make it in the morning. There are two ways that I have worked on decreasing this habit to┬ásave money. The first is to make coffee at work. One week I put my coffee money toward k-cups and used the machine at work. It does not taste as good, but it is helping with staying on time and decreasing my urge to stop. The second way is I will use it to treat myself. If I have to wake up early for a meeting or had a stressful week I will treat myself on those days. It just makes it extra special. Anyway, you can cut back and save on coffee it will help in the long run. I did the math for fun…..getting coffee 4 times a week for the entire year comes out to around $400 a year. Imagine if you invested that money or paid down your student loans instead? Save money and make your own coffee in the morning.


2. Don’t go Grocery Shopping Hungry

This is another money waster that is sometimes unavoidable since Kelan is literally ALWAYS hungry he barely ever goes shopping with me. What is important here is that when we go shopping hungry we find everything appetizing. A couple ways to avoid this situation is to keep things in your bag or in your car that you can grab in a hunger crunch. Have a protein bar, drink water, or chew gum. These items will be better to curb your appetite before you put those bag of chips in your cart that you will regret later. Another way to curb your appetite while shopping is to go on days when they are handing out free samples. Not only does this help fight the hunger, it also gives you almost a “free meal” and one less you have to buy or plan for. Not shopping when you’re hungry not only saves you money but also has a ton of advantages when trying to lose weight. Like I stated before when your hungry EVERYTHING seems appetizing, this causes you to start buying things that are not as healthy for you. If you go shopping after you eat, chances are you will also choose healthier items to purchase, it’s a win all around! Save money and shop with a list after you just ate a meal.


3. Wasting Food in Your Refrigerator/ Freezer

This one links to number two. Before you head to the store, you should take some time to clean out old food and take inventory on what you have. I can’t believe how many times I have returned home to put food away and shocked by picking up another bag of carrots that was not even open from the previous week. Not only did I just waste the bag that I bought last week, but I run into the chance of it happening again if the other bag is not going to be finished. Good thing carrots are so cheap! Sometimes if I am in a rush on the way to the store and I haven’t had time to take inventory, I will take a picture of the pantry, fridge, and freezer. This way if I am in the store and I do not remember how much of something we have left I can use the picture as a quick reference. Shopping knowing you inventory will save money and time!


4. Small Loads of Laundry

The way that I do my laundry to save the most all around is always put in oversized loads. Yes, I am using more water, however, I am using less detergent and less energy because I only do laundry once a week. The Savvy Couple is lucky enough where we can get through the week with only doing laundry once a week. It helps that we do not have jobs where our clothes always need to be cleaned on a daily basis. We have enough workout clothes and work clothes to get us through the week. It makes for a busy weekend of laundry but definitely, helps out with the cost. Save money and do laundry once a week with large loads.


5. Take the Highway

Kelan and I go back forth with this one. I agree that going on the highway/expressway saves gas money, however, I do not prefer to drive on it myself. When you are planning out your routes, try to drive on the highway as often as possible. You will get better gas mileage cruising at 60 mph than you will at 45 mph stopping at the light after light. Putting highway miles on your car is also better for less frequent repairs. The battle in our house will continue, but I have become better at taking the expressway and saving money with my car in multiple ways! Save money by taking the highway when it makes sense.

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