Spring Break Virginia Beach Vacation for Two

Our spring break trip to Virginia Beach.

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Over spring break this year we traveled to Virginia Beach. We stayed for six nights and seven days. The weather was beautiful, which was surprising for a middle of April gamble. The ocean was 56 degrees and had continuous waves crashing into the beach. It was a relaxing and much needed break away from reality.


Virginia Beach Spring Break guide for couples.Transportation to Virginia Beach

For our trip, we decided once again it would be the cheaper option to drive rather than fly. Kelan’s sister and husband moved an hour outside of Philadelphia,  so the first day we drove there. We are so thankful they watched our dog, Charlie, for the week. The next day we drove to Virginia Beach. We only ran into a little bit of traffic. One new experience we had on our drive down was the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (see video).

Hotel at Virginia Beach

Our number one goal in picking our hotel was we wanted it to be right on the beach. The view did not disappoint! It was amazing waking up to the beautiful Atlantic every morning and watching the sunrise. The hotel was a great value. Some of the amenities at the hotel was the fitness center, indoor pool, continental breakfast, boardwalk access, free parking in the parking garage and the size of the room.

Check out the hotel here: Country Inn and Suites


Food at Virginia Beach

The hotel had a hot, rotating continental breakfast. The hot options changed every day we were there between a meat, egg, and potato option. They also had your standard continental breakfast options of cereal, oatmeal, waffles, and pastries. For lunch, we tried to be as savvy as we could to save money. We grabbed a few extra options from breakfast and brought them up to our room refrigerator and microwave. My mom gave us a whole basket of amazing goodies and snacks to enjoy for the car ride that we saved for snack fillers between breakfast and dinner.

The boardwalk was filled with dinner options. We wanted to save as much money as possible throughout the day. Our goal was to stay under $30 a day for lunch, dinner, and dessert, this worked out great. We were able to stick to this every day by saving breakfast items. For dinner, we did local Chinese, subs, pizza, McDonald’s, and a local pub. We visited one of our close friends in Norfolk and she was kind enough to make us a home cooked meal of delicious stuffed shells.


Activities at Virginia Beach

With the hotel being directly on the beach and boardwalk, there was always something to do. Our favorite activity was to layout on the beach and then play in the waves when we got warm. The water temperature was 56 degrees and we loved every second of it.

Kelan was on it when he thought to bring our bikes. We biked everywhere and all along the boardwalk. Down on the other end of the beach was an outdoor gym. We biked to the gym and were able to work out in the sun.

On the day it rained, we headed to the Virginia Beach Aquarium. We were able to see the ocean life that Virginia has to offer. The sea turtle and shark tanks were amazing. There was a lot too experience and was perfect for a rainy day.

There were plenty of shops all along the main strip of the beach.


Our Recommendations for Virginia Beach

Traveling to Virginia Beach in April is always a gamble on how nice the weather is going to be. We lucked out and had the majority of the days in the 70’s and some in the 80’s. Like we stated above, our main goal was to have our hotel looking right out to the ocean. This way if the weather was iffy we still had the views of the ocean every day.

Definitely bring bikes! They had bike rentals for $20 for an hour, which is not worth the money at all. Save that $20 and put it toward a bike rack that could be used over and over again. Scope out the boardwalk and main streets around where you are staying on the first day to plan out what activities you want to do and where you plan on eating. This will help control impulse buying throughout the week. Have a budget for the trip and strictly adhere to it.


Have you ever been to Virginia Beach?

How do you save money on vacation?


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