Spring Wedding Tips and Tricks to Save on the Big Day

Spring wedding tips and trick to save on the big day

Spring weddings are around the corner and the flowers are starting bloom! Spring is in the air and so is love … and money. Wedding planning comes with a checklist of items to cross off before the big day. All of these items add up quickly and can become costly. Below are tips and tricks we used to save money on our spring wedding.


Save the DatesSpring wedding tips and trick to save on the big day!

About 9 months from your wedding you should be sending out your save the dates. One of the most common save the dates nowadays are engagement pictures with the date. When Kelan and I were planning our save the dates, we had the option of getting a magnet on the back for an extra cost. Why would we pay more for the magnet option when people are going to put it on their fridge with a magnet anyway? Save the dates are just a way for people to do just that. Don’t get caught up in an expensive keepsake or fancy paper. Not everyone is going to keep them after the wedding. Keep it simple, keep it $avvy.


Wedding Invitations

According to Woman Getting Married, the average couple spends $443 on wedding invitations. Say what? That’s crazy! One way that we cut this price down was creating and printing our own invitations. I found a website that had the color tiffany blue pocket invitations and bought pearl and black card-stock. I printed in a fancy font on Word and then assembled copying an expensive format that I liked. In comparison we saved hundreds! Grab your bridal party and family members and work together to assemble.



We had three different options for food at our reception; buffet, sit-down, or family style. We went with buffet for a few reasons. The first reason being it was the savvy move to save money and still providing our guests with plenty of variety. The second reason was our groomsmen, in particular, would be able to eat more than the traditional sit-down dinner option. The appetizers that we had at cocktail hour were also priced out to make the most sense for our guests. In a previous article, I wrote about our decision to not have a wedding cake discusses our wedding doughnuts and ice-cream sundae bar. Why get stuck on something so traditional as a wedding cake that comes with such a large cost? We had the same tradition of cutting a cake at a fraction of the cost.

Spring wedding tips to save money

Bar Options

Cash bar, open bar or consumption bar were our three options. If your reception site doesn’t have the option of a consumption bar, I would put your negotiator hat on because this was a fantastic option. Consumption bar feels like an open bar to your guests, but you put a cap on the amount of alcohol and drinks that you want to spend. The manager let us know when we were getting close to the cap. This option also allows you to see how your guests are pacing throughout the night. Maybe you don’t want to reload the account with only about an hour or so left of partying. At that point in the night it might be the better option to switch it to a cash bar.

Spring wedding money saving tips

Spring Wedding Flowers

The type of flowers for a spring wedding can depend on where you live. Living in New York State and having a spring wedding in late May we were banking on the fact that most flowers would be close to full bloom. We also were strategic about picking our wedding venue so we would not have to price in our own flowers. We got married at a golf course. Beautifully manicured grass, flowers, and grounds that we could let the venue supply the greenery (literally). When we went to purchase flowers for the wedding party, we bought from a local grocery store and picked them up the morning of. Huge savings!

Spring wedding money saving tips


Like I stated above we got married at a golf course and we had our reception at the same location. This decision really saved us thousands. Decorations for our spring wedding were not as needed with the backdrop of the golf course. My amazing bridal party spent hours of hard work making decorations for my bridal shower. Why use them once? I reused a lot of what they made at the wedding/reception venue as well.

Another reason that we went with the reception site that we did was because of their decoration room. They had a whole room dedicated to decorations. When we went to plan with the manager she was able to create the vision that we wanted for centerpieces from a picture I found on Pinterest in her decoration room. All we had to do was order candles that matched our difficult color (Tiffany Blue) to finish off the look.

Spring wedding money saving tips

We also loved the idea of letting go floating lanterns off on the golf course. We ordered these in bulk from Amazon for a really good price. Even though the lanterns did not work well due to weather, it was a great memory! Our guests had a great time watching the one lantern we got off the ground fly through a tree untouched. We didn’t feel like we lost money either by not letting them off because they were so cheap. Plus we got to use them for other family events.

Spring Wedding money saving tips

Photo Booth

Again we want to stress the power of negotiating on your wedding items. Our reception site also offered a photo booth for rent. In our first couple of planning meetings, we didn’t show any interest in having a photo booth. Then, at one of the last meetings we said that we wanted the photo booth included, but we gave a price that was a fraction of the price and they matched! It never hurts to ask and always start low.


What did you do to save money for your big day?

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50 Replies to “Spring Wedding Tips and Tricks to Save on the Big Day

  1. I know it isn’t for everyone, but we did a destination wedding and it was great. There were some added travel expenses, but overall it was a lot cheaper than trying to find a venue and feed hundreds of people. It was also a lot less stressful, at least from what I’ve seen of other traditional weddings. But not matter what you do, always remember to enjoy it!

    1. That’s great to hear. We have had a few friends that have done a destination wedding and completely agree with what you said. Definentally a day to cherish and remember forever!

  2. We got married in Punta Cana as a destination wedding. Cost of the actual service was $1,000. It doubled as our honeymoon. Call it cheating because guests had to pay for their own trips, but it was real easy to have an open bar, after the ceremony, at an all inclusive resort 🙂

          1. Dominican is is a great place, but we recently stayed in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, (by Cancun) and that was fantastic too. We seem to be anomalies, in that Americans usually stay at Secrets but we stay at the more European oriented Riu resorts.

  3. One way we saved money was by skipping out on separate transportation for my husband and myself. We had a shuttle to and from the hotel for guests and decided to just use the shuttle to get back to the hotel. This one move saved us $1,500! We also live in NY, where everything just seems to be more expensive.

  4. Weddings are expensive, so these tips are going to help a lot of people save some serious cash on the big day!

  5. I love that it is so easy to save on wedding invitations these days. When I got married, we had the fancy printed invitations with embossed lettering. Now I think they’re totally ugly! I love all of the cute designs with photos and creative text that couples are using now. (At least that’s what they use in my area.) They show so much more personality than those old stuffy, expensive invites! Great tips.

  6. Good call on not having a wedding cake on your wedding. I have attended quite a few weddings in my life and I can say that 90% of all wedding cakes goes to waste. They look good at the wedding, but that’s it. Nothing more.

    1. Yup! Kelan’s mom saved our “fake” cake we cut and froze it for our 1 year anniversary. It did not taste good at all. It’s just another one of those “traditions” that everyone thinks they need.

  7. These are all awesome ideas thank you so much for sharing I love the nontraditional cake and the ice cream bar. Usually so much of that cake is wasted anyways I think donut is awesome!

  8. This is great advice for wedding planning. I think invitations are a great place to save money since there are so many beautiful and affordable options available on sites like Etsy.

    1. Totally! Etsy was not that big a few years back when we got married. If it was I am sure we would have checked it out. It’s nice to be able to support a “small business” also.

    1. Thanks =). We agree a lot of companies prey on couples getting married. It’s tough because you want to have the best day of your life, which is important. But at the same time you need to have a budget in mind and try and stay under it.

  9. This makes a lovely guide for couples who are about to plan their wedding in the coming months. It’s really important to make sure that you send out your save the date early.

  10. I haven’t planned a wedding in a long time. It’s nice to see guides like this to help couples save money on their wedding planning. You don’t have to spend so much on that big day.

  11. You have some really great tips for saving on your big day! Even the simplest of weddings can be so expensive. I really like your tip about having a consumption bar! That really is the perfect compromise so that your guests feel like it is an open bar without you having to spend more than you want to.

    1. It was one of our best decisions. We knew we would have people that would drink heavily in the begging and simmer down at night. We priced it out so everyone had an amazing time and only a few “hardcore” drinkers had to buy 1-2 drinks at the very end of the night. If you want an “open bar” it’s the way to go.

  12. I’m still thinking of a surprise wedding for my husband. And these tips are cool to know. When we settle in one country, I must start planning for it. We just got married at a court house.

      1. We’re planning to head back to the Philippines. Stay for 6 months or 1 year, then try to live in a different country. We’re planning to be nomads actually. 😁

  13. I personally wouldn’t want a wedding cake either because it costs so much money and to be honest I would rather just have a cheesecake lol! Great tips on saving money for the big day xx

  14. This looked like it was a fun beautiful wedding. I remember at my wedding we had my cousins friend dj as it was his hobby. Just costed a pack of beer but my cousin supplied it for him.

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