9 Money Talks to Have Before Getting Married

Money is the number one cause for divorce. Having these money talks before getting married will set you up for a happy and healthy marriage.

Your fiancé and you have been talking and planning your wedding since the moment you got engaged. Money talks have occurred, but the focus was most likely on the cost of the Venue, DJ, photography, and so many other wedding costs. The most important conversations need to take place before…

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March Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

We grew our blog traffic by 30% this month! On top of that we had a few social media accounts double in their following! We explain exactly what we did to make this happen,. come check it out!

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information. Hey $avvy people! We set out last month with a hefty goal of increasing our blog traffic to 5,000 page views. We fell a little short but had some awesome growth on our social media. Below we will lay out…

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