9 Money Talks to Have Before Getting Married

Money is the number one cause for divorce. Having these money talks before getting married will set you up for a happy and healthy marriage.

Your fiancé and you have been talking and planning your wedding since the moment you got engaged. Money talks have occurred, but the focus was most likely on the cost of the Venue, DJ, photography, and so many other wedding costs. The most important conversations need to take place before…

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Millennials Put a New Spin on Money Management

Millennials are new and upcoming! Are they viewing money in a totally different light? We look in depth at millennials and how they are putting a new spin on money management.

Each generation is defined, in part, by the way its members handle money and view personal finance. In the US, the Great Depression shaped a generation’s thinking about money, before yielding to less conservative financial ideals. In contrast to their parents, baby boomers (born in great numbers following WWII) guided a more…

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