Tax Credits & Deductions that Will Help Save Big Money

Tax Credits & Deductions

Well, it’s everyone’s favorite time of the years again, tax season! Being honest and completely transparent, I actually LOVE tax season. What is better than getting a full snapshot of how you did financially last year? Burn this into your memory: Tax credits and deductions should be your best friend when it comes time to file your taxes.

Prepare your Own Taxes

Since graduating high school in 2008 I have always filed my own taxes. I love being able to put my business degree to work. Working with numbers is actually very fun for me…..NERD! We have used TurboTax each and every year and they are amazing! Their software is designed to help first timers all the way through savvy tax vets. TurboTax software algorithms help not only find all tax credits and deductions but apply them to get you your biggest refund.

If you’re nervous about it don’t stress! You can set up an account and prepare your entire tax return without having to pay upfront. You only pay once you have completed your return, and all appropriate information is inputted. This allows you to see exactly how much you owe or how big your refund is without paying upfront. Another huge bonus is they provide federal and state tax prep for most states.

Another huge bonus is they provide federal and state tax returns for most states. Check out our link below for more information on preparing your own taxes this year with TurboTax.

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Knowledge is Power

It’s absurd so many people don’t take advantage of all tax credits and deductions that they can claim.

“Tax credits can significantly lower your tax liability,” said Bob Meighan, a CPA and Vice President of customer advocacy for TurboTax. “Each dollar of a tax credit reduces your tax by a dollar.”

Credits are more impactful than deductions, which reduce your taxable income — typically, a dollar of a deduction reduces your tax by only about 25 percent.

A quick example, if you owe $600 in taxes and have a $400 tax credit, you would only have to pay $200. Tax credits can be significantly different from one to another. TurboTax does a great job asking you simple questions to see if a credit would apply to you, and also applying them automatically giving you the best outcome possible.

Tax Credits & Deductions for Individuals from (

Credits for Individuals

Subtract tax credits from the amount of tax you owe. There are two types of tax credits:

  • A nonrefundable tax credit means you get a refund only up to the amount you owe for taxes.
  • A refundable tax credit means you get a refund, even if it is more than what you owe.

Family & Dependents

Health Care

Income and Savings



Deductions for Individuals

Subtract tax deductions from your income before you calculate the amount of tax you owe.




Health Care

Itemized Deductions

Miscellaneous Deductions


The Break Even Goal

Tax season can be very stressful, but it does not have to be. Using Turbotax and knowing a little bit about which tax credits and deductions to watch out for makes it easy!

Every year Brittany and I try to break even or get as close to that as possible. Meaning, we try not to owe money to the government and not receive a refund. This is for a few reasons.

First, we don’t want to have to pay a huge lump sum of back to the government. I have heard people having to owe the government thousands upon thousands of dollars and that does not sound like fun. Unless you are a super wiz investor that can make 10% + on that money throughout the year you’re better off paying taxes over time, so it doesn’t hurt so much all at once.

Second, we don’t want a HUGE refund check. Yes, you heard that correct we DO NOT want a huge refund check at the end of the year. Some people might be thinking “what is wrong with you” or “you don’t want free money”? Let me explain.

We have received a HUGE tax refund before, we’re talking thousands of dollars. We were actually really excited at the time, woohoo free money! Who hasn’t been young and naive before? Receiving a huge refund check from the government means: you loaned them your money throughout the year at no interest. It is your money, you get it taken out of your paycheck. You’re much better off getting your money in your paycheck and using it throughout the year, hell even invest it. Anyone who gets excited about a huge refund check is wrong. You screwed up! You gave the government more money than you should have and now they are giving back your change.

Final Thoughts

It’s all about finding the balance. Breaking even should be your ultimate goal. You can change your withholdings throughout the year to help make this happen. Play around with them and find the sweet spot. This was our best year by far as far as breaking even, we are pretty excited about it.

Win the tax season game! Educate yourself on what tax credits and deductions are out there. Always be honest when filing your taxes, it’s not worth the hassle of getting audited. If you do not feel comfortable preparing your own taxes then seek out an expert. Good luck this year, hopefully, you break even!

Do you prepare your own taxes or have a professional prepare them for you?

Which credits and deductions can you claim this year?


Kelan is a born entrepreneur! While in college studying business and finance Kelan was able to grow his e-commerce business to over $50,000 a year. After being an Insurance Salesman, UPS Driver, and Jail Deputy Kelan has come full circle with his burning desire to be 100% self-employed. Kelan currently runs The Savvy Couple full time with a passion for helping others get money $avvy.

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  1. Very easy and clear to read; excellent source of information!

    I’ve prepared my own taxes as well as have professionals handle the not so easy tax years.

    I totally agree about breaking even! I too don’t want a refund – I want all my money to be used by me during the year and not to be given to the government interest free for their own use – too many people don’t understand that your ‘refund’ is your money! Lol

    Thanks for the read.

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    1. There is something about doing your own taxes. It honestly feels great! Plus if you are good at tracking your numbers throughout the year then turbo tax does the rest. Millions of dollars have been put into the software to optimize returns, why not take advantage?

      The last 5 years or so we have had many W-2s (Brittany trying to get a full-time teaching job in NY) and my small e-commerce business.

      It’s sad so many people are scared to do there own taxes. It is really simple if you stay on top of it.

      Thanks for you thoughts. We will be sure to follow your blog as well!

      1. That’s what sometimes scares me too (I have several W-2s, a house, business expenses, etc) & I worry about making a mistake; but you’re absolutely right it is simple with a program like turbo tax and keeping traceable records.

        I hope she gets that job in NY! I’m in Long Island, I’m a Realtor – I could help you guys find your new home (idky I assumed you’re looking, it’s the Realtor in me lol)!

        Thanks for following back! ☺

        1. She got the full time position last year! Allowed me to leave my job as a Jail Deputy =). We are settled down in Western NY close to family now =).

          Real estate, a very exciting career! Always been an interest for myself. I actually just went back to school to get my NYS Home Inspection License =)

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