Don’t Buy A New Sofa When You Can UpCycle


Our second guest post comes all the way from Chicago! Toni Matteson shares the steps she took to save money and upcycled her sofa instead of buying a new one. Great instructions! ~T$C

Upcycling SofaNew Couches Are Expensive!

For about the past 18 months, I have been telling my Husband that we need to get a new sofa. The seat cushions in the one we have had next to no support. Between our 2 young children and general day to day wear and tear the sofa that I once loved had become something I disliked very much. Let’s face it, though, sofas are not an inexpensive purchase. This was our second one in under 10 years, my Husband was standing firm to his “no, not happening” reply every time I complained about having to climb out of the sofa.

So, I decided to do some further investigating of the sofa as I was 100% sure that the reason the sofa cushions were not doing their “job” was that the sofa support springs were malfunctioning. However, I was proven wrong when I decided on whim to unzip the faux suede covers on the seat cushions and realized that not only had they turned yellow with age but that they had begun to shrink away from the covers that they were meant to be taught to and also that 2 of the three foam supports had visible deterioration.

I suddenly thought “ Ah ha…we will just order replacement foam!” until I looked online and learned from several local companies (Chicago land area) would be glad to do this for us for the low, low price of $150-$240 total….just to take out old pieces of foam, and put in new ones lined with padding.

DIY Sofa Cushions

I have upcycled various pieces of furniture in our house from headboards to our kitchen table to our tv cabinet so I said to my Husband “No way are we having someone else do this for us, I will figure out a way to do this myself”…and I did. Within a half an hour I had been on YouTube and watched  a few videos on how to replace old sofa cushions (it is a process but it is rather quick) and on to see if they sold large enough pieces of foam (they sell everything so are my immediate go to) and not only do they but they were able to ship to our home for free due to our Amazon Prime Membership…bonus!

Amazon Has It All!

Amazon sells sofa foam in sheets averaging from $43.00-$75.00 a sheet. The size of the sheet one will need depends on the width, length, and height of your sofa cushions. All you have to do is measure your individual cushions and then ordering is easy. There are several companies on the Amazon site that sell this product and all one needs to do is just search their site by “Sofa Foam Replacement” and you have a variety to choose from. I, however, have a rule of not choosing any company that does not have a 70% or above 5-star rating for their product and that also has at least 10 4-5 star reviews in the past 6 months.


In addition to the foam that you order, you will also need to order a can of Adhesive Spray. This is used to re-adhere the cotton batting that wraps around your foam cushion and between your cushion cover.  This can also be purchased on Amazon and ranges from $5.00-$8.00 per can.

This is the YouTube video that I used to learn how to replace our 3 sofa cushions. I found it to be very informative with easy to follow step by step instructions.

Two  tips I would add to the video instructions are:

1: If you are having your foam cushion replacement shipped to you that you take it out of the box as soon as you can and let it lay out on your floor for a bit so that it returns to its naturally flat state. It also helps to walk across it a couple of times yourself or having you kids do so but not too much as this defeats the purpose of buying new foam!

2: The easiest way to cut your new pieces of foam is to just lay the old pieces on top and cut around them leaving about a 1/4” border surround to ensure that the new pieces of foam fit snuggly into the seat cushions, however, remember to leave enough room to also allow for the old cotton batting that you will be repurposing.

For a Total of $70.00

Below are photos of one of our old sofa cushions (the yellowed one) next to the new piece of foam before it was cut into thirds. I was able to get 3 new sofa cushions out of the one large piece of foam that I had ordered with about 6” of extra foam to spare. The second photo is of our old sofa which now feels and looks almost like brand new. Not only do I no longer feel like I am climbing out of the sofa when I get out of it, but our total cost for this upcycle was $70.00. $63.00 for foam and $8.00 for spray adhesive.  Both myself and my Husband are mutually happy with the outcome!


Tell us your upcycle project that saved you money!

Let the discusion begin!