The Top 20 Zero Calorie Super Foods

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Zero Calories (Almost)The top 20 zero calorie foods to help you loose weight and burn fat!

Start losing weight by eating from this list of foods with close to zero calories. These superfoods are packed with fibers, vitamins, antioxidants and more! When it comes down to losing weight it is as simple as counting your calories!

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This list contains the foods we consume on a regular basis to maintain healthy weights and live our healthy lifestyles. These zero calorie foods helped me lose over 40lbs! We want to help you start living healthy as well, get your weight on track by eating from our list of nutritionally packed superfoods. We are not experts this is information we have picked up while living a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy!

1) Asparaguszero calories

Calories: 27 per cup

Asparagus is historically referred to as a detoxifying food, as it contains high levels of amino acids that act as a drug, flushing excess fluid out of your system. It additionally helps speed the metabolism of alcohol (hangover hack). Asparagus is additionally a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, iron, and even protein.

We love to steam or grill our asparagus with a little salt and pepper. A great side dishes to any meal. #YUM


zero calories2) Broccoli

Calories: 31 per cup

Broccoli is astonishingly low in calories. It is filled with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. It contains powerful antioxidants that will improve your odds against many types of cancers.

We have broccoli with our meals a few times a week, it’s a superfood so why not fuel your body with it! Mostly steamed, sautéed, or grilled with burgers, stir fry, breakfast omelets, etc.



3) Cabbage zero calories

Calories: 22 per cup

Another very low-calorie vegetable is cabbage. Cabbage is packed with vitamins, minerals, fibers, and several other nutrients to fight cancers. Who knew that so many vegetables would also have health benefits!

Not on the top of our list for favorite vegetables, but it’s great in soups, stews, and salads.



zero calories4) Lettuce

Calories: 5 per cup

Literally, if you eat lettuce raw you will burn more calories digesting than what you actually consume. Do the math that equals weight loss! Lettuce by itself is a nice supply of B vitamins and nutrients. Choose different colors of lettuce to get different tastes. A rule of thumb is the darker the lettuce the better it is for you.

Lettuce is a staple in our diet. We regularly have salads with a few meals a week to make sure we are getting enough vegetables in. A key to eating lettuce is not wasting it’s low calories by drenching it in heavy cream salad dressings. Use a low fat, low-calorie oil based dressing.


zero calories5) Cauliflower

Calories: 17 per cup

Like other veggies, cauliflower is packed with cancer-fighting nutrients and contains a great supply of water-soluble vitamins. Cauliflower is like a brother/sister to the broccoli and is just as much cancer fighting superfood.

Cauliflower regularly gets to our dinner table as a broccoli and cauliflower salad. Also, very good steamed and mashed like potatoes with a little milk, salt, and pepper. Thanks for the recipe mom!



zero calories6) Lemons and Limes

Calories: 20 per fruit

Citrus fruits are loaded with antioxidant and, consumed whole, they are an excellent supply of fiber and vitamins. They have also been shown to have the effect of curbing an appetite.

We love adding a splash of lemon to zest up our recipes. Often tart and typically sweet citrus flavors add a punch of flavor with very few extra calories. Throw some lemon wedges in your water too!



zero calories7) Tea

Calories: ZERO!

Tea makes our list of superfoods as well. With black, green, and white teas enjoy them hot or cold. A true tea is high in polyphenols, an inhibitor that protects cells from cancer and a variety of diseases. Tea also boosts your brain power, keep you skinny, and helps you sleep better.

A good tip is to sip on some hot green tea when you have a late night craving. I also used sipping on tea as a mechanism to keep me busy while watching TV and not eat because I was bored.


zero calories8) Coffee

Calories: ZERO!

Black coffee is amongst the lowest-calorie drink decision around, and it’s an excellent weight loss trick. Black coffee alters your level of hunger for zero calories, on top of providing you a great energy boost in the morning. Plus the caffeine can speed up metabolism and fat-burning throughout your entire body.

It can be very hard to start drinking your coffee black, but give it a shot. Start to wean off the creamer and sugar and in no time you will be having yourself a great healthy drink with many benefits! Brittany lay off the double-doubles.


Zero Calories9) Tomatoes

Calories: 22 per normal sized tomato

Tomatoes contain a great amount of fiber and vitamins. Many people are unaware that although ketchup is based on tomatoes the amount of sugar added is outrageous. Ketchup is one of the worst condiments you can use on your food. As my grandpa always said, “ketchup is to kill a flavor that you don’t like”.

Tomatoes are extremely versatile in cooking, though. We regularly use them for tacos, spaghetti, burgers, kebabs, and salads.


Zero Calories10) Onions

Calories: 64 per cup

Stop crying! Cutting onions is no joke, I think everyone has shed a tear or two while cutting them. These wonderful, succulent, powerful tasting vegetables have plenty of vitamins and fibers to keep you coming back for more.

By far one of the most used vegetables in our house when it comes to cooking. Regularly showing up in omelets, stews, soups, dips, and more.


Zero Calories11) Peppers

Calories: 60 per cup

Hot or gentle, peppers are filled with fiber for negligible calories. The warmth in hot peppers signals the presence of capsaicin, a compound that will propel the body to scorch an additional fifty to a hundred calories following a spicy meal. So start eating that Mexican food baby! Just remember however hot it is going in, it will be just as hot coming out the other side.

We love spicy foods. We normally use green peppers with a bunch of our meals. You can never go wrong with some hot stuffed peppers! Always taste a little bit before going all in when it comes to peppers. Better safe than sorry right Emeka and Ryan? =)



Zero Calories12) Berries

Calories: 64 per cup

Blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries are filled with anti-inflammatories, that scale back your risk of a heart condition and cancer. These inhibitor powerhouses are bite-sized immunity boosters, particularly after they grow within the wild. Be careful when eating them on a hike though always test one or two and wait for a little while to see if it affects your body, if not then eat away.

These berries are the best on top of oatmeal, within smoothies, and even raw as a snack.



Zero Calories13) Grapefruit

Calories: 39 per half

The grapefruit diet might actually have some truth to it. A powerhouse for heart health, grapefruit contains an antioxidant, folic acid, and potassium. Pink and red varieties even have fat-soluble vitamins.

Grapefruits are a great way to start the day. A full grapefruit is under 100 calories! Add a little sweetener and you have yourself a very yummy breakfast to start your day off right.



Zero Calories14) Spinach

Calories: 7 per cup

Tender and flush, this foliage is wealthy in iron, folic acid, and fat-soluble vitamin. It additionally contains disease-fighting antioxidants carotenoid.

Use as a substitute for lettuce in a salad to get your superfood boost. Remember I said before that the greener the vegetable the better for you, well you can’t get much greener than spinach. Our favorite use for this is omelets. If you see a trend here it’s because we are obsessed with a good breakfast on the weekends, or even for dinner some nights.



Zero Calories15) Celery

Calories: 16 per cup

Another great example of negative calories. Eat some celery to start boosting your metabolism and burning more calories that you are consuming indigestion alone. High in fiber and vitamins like many other vegetables on this list.

Crunchy with a lot of water inside. An extremely high volume food, you can eat celery all day.  A great snack for someone like myself who loves to snack on crunchy foods, much better than a bag of chips. Add a little peanut butter on top and you have yourself a great post workout snack. #winning



Zero Calories16) Carrots

Calories: 22 per cup

Carrots are extremely low in saturated fat and cholesterol. These colorful vegetables are full of fiber to help regulate you on the potty. Carrots are also great because they are so cheap!

Great to add to salads, soups, stews, and as a side dish.




Zero Calories17) Mushrooms

Calories: 15 per cup

Portobello, White Button, and Shiitake are some of the most common mushrooms. Luckily, basically, all mushrooms contain some style of immune-boosting antioxidants, in conjunction with metal, B vitamins, and fiber.

I know a lot of people that are not fans of mushrooms; I used to be one of them. After I had some mushrooms sautéed and put on top of a nice medium well steak it was game over. Mushrooms can be a great addition to almost any salad, omelet, and stew. Stuffed mushrooms are one of our favorites, but most of the time they are drenched in butter so it negates the health effects of eating a vegetable.


Zero Calories18) Pickles

Calories: 16 calories per cup

Pickles can be a great snack as they are very low in calories. Watch out for the sodium content in these little guys though they can be quite high, so don’t eat them in high volume. A great crunchy, sweet and salty snack on any summer day. We love these as a snack while dieting.




Zero Calories19) Mustard

Calories: 3 calories per tsp……basically ZERO!

This is not much of a food, but I thought it deserved some credit on this list. Most condiments put on food regularly i.e. ketchup, BBQ sauce, mayo, ranch, etc. are terrible for you. They are very high in sugars, fats, and calories. If you are dieting and trying to lose weight mustard can become your best friend. We love putting mustard on pretzels as a great snack, also very good on burgers. After finding out for myself that mustard was basically zero calories, I started using it exclusively on my foods.



Zero Calories 20)  Franks RedHot

Calories: 1 per serving….ZERO

Franks RedHot sauce is a freaking life changer! After finding out it was zero calories, I started putting it on EVERYTHING. We talked about hot peppers above and how it triggers your body to burn an extra 100 calories while consuming, well Franks is right in that category. For zero calories the options are endless. Putting hot sauce on foods always seems to make me eat slower, which in turn makes me eat less. Franks RedHot is an absolute beast when it comes to losing weight.


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