How to Create the Ultimate Amazon Wedding Registry

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Looking back on our time wedding planning, our FAVORITE part of the planning process was creating our wedding registry. There is such an excitement built around all of these new gifts for your new little family to enjoy.

Many of the items that need to get done before the big day can be stressful. Use your time creating your wedding registry as an outlet to relieve stress and have fun together planning for your future.

If you have a year engagement, my recommendation would be to create your registry around the 8-10-month mark. You want to have time before your bridal shower to make any necessary last-minute changes.

The next question that comes up is where should you register? The answer to this question is simple, Amazon! And I will tell you why!

You can start your Amazon Wedding Registry right now if you want to get a jump start! 

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Why Should I Choose Amazon for our Registry?

Amazon is the perfect choice to create your wedding registry. Amazon offers so many different products that you will be able to cover everything you need from kitchen items to bedroom items and everything in between.

Amazon is also the best choice because not only are you so used to ordering everything online nowadays, but so are your guests. Most of the people you are inviting to your wedding have an Amazon account and many of them also have Amazon Prime. This is a service your guests already use on a weekly-monthly basis.

If you are not already an Amazon Prime member, I suggest you become one. The first reason is the discount you will receive after your wedding. Amazon will give you a 10-20% off discount on some of the items still left on your registry. You will be able to use this to your benefit if you never received that luggage set you need before your honeymoon.

The second reason you are going to want to become an Amazon Prime member is to reap the benefit of two-day shipping. We are obsessed with Amazon Prime (probably too much), but it is okay because of how much money it saves us in the long run. If we run out batteries or need to order a part of something that broke around the house, we know we will get it in two days and returns are so EASY!


How Do I Start an Amazon Wedding Registry?

SIMPLE! Click this link to start your Amazon wedding registry.

When you reach this page, you want to click on Create Your Amazon Registry. If you already have an Amazon account, it will want you to log in. If you do not have an Amazon account now would be the perfect time to create one!


Creating Your Dream Amazon Registry

The first step to creating your Amazon wedding registry is to fill out your personal information. Make sure that you have an updated address because some of your gifts will get shipped right to your home.

The next step is to fill out the information for your wedding date and location of your event. An awesome feature that Amazon offers is group gifting. You can enable group gifting for a set amount. This feature is great for pricey gifts because you could have multiple people help purchase it together.

Then, set the privacy setting for your registry and uncheck the box if you do not want The Knot to show your registry if someone searches for it. The next boxes to check, if you want, is to receive emails about your registry and if you want to receive wedding offers and discounts.

Finish by hitting Create My Registry.


What Does an Amazon Wedding Registry Look Like?

I love that you can customize your Amazon wedding registry for you and your fiancé. You can upload a picture for the cover photo and the circle where the rings are you can add a picture of the adorable engaged couple.

Now you’re ready to start adding items to your registry! Obviously, the best part! Curl up on your couch together or head to a local coffee shop and enjoy the experience together. It’s important to make this a joint effort.

When you hit registry favorites, Amazon breaks it down into different categories of items that most people shop for. You can use the top scroll bar to start your list. Small kitchen appliances, than dinnerware and serveware, and it will bring you right through from room to room.

This guide to creating an Amazon wedding registry is AMAZING! I was getting so confused on where to register for my wedding. Now with Amazon the entire process is SIMPLE & EASY. Pin this!

One very unique aspect to creating your wedding registry with Amazon is the section title Experience gifting. I wish this was an option when we got married because we love adventure and trying new things together as a couple. Scroll through and look for something you will enjoy as a newlywed couple.

Click Add to Registry and boom! It will be on there.

Finish scrolling through the top categories and you will be surprised how much variety Amazon has to offer you and your gift givers. Because Amazon is so diverse in the number of products they offer, you can customize your wedding registry to match you as a couple.

We are huge campers! We were able to customize our wedding registry to match gifts we needed to start our life camping together.


I Finished! Now What?

Congratulations! Wasn’t that so much fun? Now that you are finished adding items to your Amazon wedding registry you are almost done. You can share out your registry through email and social media or you can just have your party place that you are registered on Amazon on the bottom of your invitations.


Thank You & Returns

Amazon’s thank you list and returns is the last reason you need to make an Amazon wedding registry today! After an item is purchased, under the thank you list section, the gift the guest bought you will appear as purchased and then will supply you with their name and address.

Writing thank you notes has never been simpler. It is okay if someone at the bridal shower forgot to write down that your Great Aunt purchased your new Instant Pot. Amazon thank you list will let you know the purchaser’s name and information.

If you need to make a return, this will also be the place where you put in to return an item.

It is really this simple.

What are you waiting for?

Start your Amazon Wedding Registry today!

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