Is Early Retirement That Hard To Achieve?

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This early retirement quiz will see how prepared you are for early retirement. Start taking your finances seriously. Imagine traveling the world and doing what you want to do with the rest of your life. Save money | retire early | retirement | The Savvy Couple
This early retirement quiz will see how prepared you are for early retirement. Start taking your finances seriously. Imagine traveling the world and doing what you want to do with the rest of your life. Save money | retire early | retirement | The Savvy CoupleWhat up $avvy people! Today we have a really fun article to share with you. We had a blast taking an early retirement quiz we found on Retire by 40 and we think you will too. At the end of the article, put your answers in the comment section, let’s get a good discussion going.We think it’s really important to talk about retirement and the crucial steps to get there. Since early retirement has been a hot topic recently this is a perfect time to share this. This early retirement quiz is excellent at showing you how serious you are about retiring early.

Honestly, who doesn’t have early retirement on their mind?

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Since both of us love what we do for a living, thinking about early retirement is a little strange. I personally would get extremely bored if I was not working and using my creativity. Don’t get me wrong thinking about early retirement is pretty fun though. Just imagine how simple life could be once work and money are no longer an issue.

Our ideal early retirement would be traveling around the U.S. in an RV. We really prioritize traveling in our lives so this would be our number one priority in retirement as well.

Learning how to retire early is about making a choice to take complete control over your finances. How serious are you about early retirement? Continue below to see our answers to the quiz then take it for yourself.


Early Retirement Quiz Directions

Here are the directions for the early retirement quiz: “You need to keep track of your own score for this quiz. The questions are just TRUE/FALSE. You get a point for every TRUE. Then simply put your score in the discussion below.”


1. You know your net worth

Of course! We have been tracking our net worth since we were 20 years old and still in college. When we moved out to attend college we set up a budget and stuck to it. We have been using Personal Capital for years to track our progress on growing our net worth. I am glad this is the first question because it is a very important one to understand if you want to have an early retirement.


2. You have a Roth IRA

Kinda, we will be rolling over our large IRA to a Roth IRA in the very near future. Just like starting our budget in college we also started an investment account on Betterment. We have been using Betterment for years as our “safety net” account. It’s perfect for making your money work for you and still being a liquid asset. Highly suggest you check them out!


3. You have no consumer debt – car, credit card, etc…

So we are proud to say we have never had to borrow money to purchase a vehicle. Cars are a depreciating asset and continue to loose value each and every day. They are the Millennial Money Trap that many young adults fall into. As far as credit cards we have never missed a payment, EVER. We always make sure to pay our bill on time every time, one of the main reasons we both hold credit scores above 800.

We do have two major debts that we are dealing with. The first being Brittany’s student loans. After completing her masters in elementary education, she was able to walk away with less than $35k in student loans. These loans are low-interest loans that we are paying off slowly until NYS helps with loan forgiveness for being a teacher. With the interest rates being so low it would not make sense to pay them off quickly as we are getting a better return investing our money in the market. Same thing goes for our house, we are locked into a 3.5% fixed rate mortgage. We made sure to buy a house well within our means and easy to upkeep.

Some people might not agree with our methodology with our student loan and mortgage debt. There are many ways to handle debt, some better than others. We have personally talked to financial experts and millionaires that have used the same type of methodology with great success.

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4. You have a “retire by” date

Yes! We both want to be completely retired by the time we are 50 years old. Life is short we want to be able to enjoy it. Although this is the date we have in mind it is not set in stone.


5. You have a side hustle or two

Call us the side hustle king and queen. I have had a side hustle since as long as I can remember. Whether it was selling lemonade, video games, cell phone boosters or running my online e-commerce business in college I have always been looking for ways to make money on the side. Brittany was also a great side hustler. She taught dance, sold Avon, and looked for yard work growing up.

We now both LOVE our new side hustle, our blog! Starting our blog completely changed our lives. I now have the freedom I have always desired to work for myself from home. If you are interested in starting a blog check out our complete step by step tutorial on how to start a WordPress blog.

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6. You have passive income

Yes, blogging is definitely considered a passive income. It takes a TON of work to get it to the point of being a passive income, but it is certainly possible. I did not really think of it as passive income until one night I was playing basketball and when I checked my phone we made over $100 in affiliate sales. I was so excited that we created a website that can make money while doing the things we enjoy most in life.

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7. Your investments are worth more than your house

Unfortunately no. We bought our first house when we were just 23 years old. Now a few years later we have made a good dent into our mortgage, but we have a long way to go. We continue to pump money into our retirement accounts each and every month and try to increase it every year. Starting our investment accounts early in life has really helped us grow them quickly. Time in the market is a great tool.


8. You have a post-retirement plan – volunteer, etc…

Yes. We both love helping others so volunteering is definitely going to be part of our early retirement plan. Like I said before we love to travel so traveling as much as we can will be a big priority. Spending time with family and friends will also be on the list.


9. You save 50% of your household income

Not quite, but are getting closer every year. I can’t remember what book we read, but it was about living off one teacher’s salary. Our goal is to completely live off of Brittany’s salary and any money I make from our blog, freelancing, etc. will be put into retirement or savings. The most important thing to do to achieve this is not let our lifestyle inflate as our income does. Living off a teacher’s salary with a family is going to be difficult, but we are not the savvy couple for no reason.



10. You have backup plans

Na backup plans are for people who fail…..totally kidding! Of course, we have a backup plan. If our blog does not pan out like we plan I plan on starting a goat grass cutting business….kidding again, sorry I can’t help myself. In all honesty, if our blog does not work out I will most likely start another one. I have completely fallen in love with blogging and digital marketing. It’s so much fun to run a business on your own terms and create more than you consume in life. I feel like I am adding value to the world (hopefully).

I am also a NYS certified Home Inspector and Correctional Officer so I have plenty of options if things don’t work out. For Brittany, she is pretty set being a teacher in NYS! If things ever turned upside down for her we could always move out of state and she would get hired very quickly with her NYS experience and education.

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Bonus early retirement quiz point – You cut your own hair

Yes! When I was working in law enforcement I use to cut my own hair twice a month. Trust me it was not the best look around. I tried getting Brittany to help but that didn’t happen hahaha.


Early Retirement Quiz Scoring:

  • 0-5: Skeptic. Do you believe in early retirement? Perhaps it’s not a goal of yours?
  • 6-7: Novice. You’re on your way to early retirement!
  • 8-9: Committed. You’ll get to early retirement soon.
  • 10+: Driven. Early retirement is definitely on your mind, or you may even already be retired!

We scored 8 points on our early retirement quiz. We had a few questions that we could have given ourselves a half of a point, but we did not want to make it complicated. Obviously, we have some things we are working on improving in order to retire early. It’s nice to know that we are on the right path and have the right mindset to allow us to achieve our early retirement goal.

Now it’s your turn! Go back through and take the quiz and post your answers in the comment section below. If your score is not where you want it to be good, now you are aware and can make the proper changes in your life. Controlling your financial future comes down to awareness and taking action.

What was your early retirement quiz score?

Share your results below!




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