5 Simple Steps In Finding The Best Managed IRA Advisor

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If you watch the Showtime show Billions, you’ve seen the interaction between investment managers and machines. The traders use sophisticated software to their advantage, but that software is controlled by the human beings who understand the markets and human psychology.

The traders have learned through experience the nuances that affect market swings, and they talk to other professionals to gain the insights they need to manage money. Today’s investment world requires this interaction between sophisticated technology and professional money managers who understand the markets and the assets they trade.

When it comes to managing IRAs, this dynamic becomes particularly crucial. IRAs are one of the most powerful investment tools. A traditional IRA provides immediate tax savings. A Roth IRA provides deferred tax savings.

Both provide an array of investment options that, when maximized, can far exceed market averages. Managed IRAs are managed by a team of professional advisors who are experts in the varied investment instruments available with IRAs. The great news about managed IRAs is that you don’t have to be rich to afford them.

For example, GuidedChoice provides managed IRAs for under 1 percent of the investment account value, but it provides above-market returns. The secret is a rigorous and proprietary methodology designed by a Nobel Laureate, Dr. Harry Markowitz, an economics expert. Using these tools, GuidedChoice’s investment advisors win stellar returns for their clients.


When choosing a firm for managed IRA accounts, it’s important to consider the following:

DIY IRAs versus managed IRAs

DIY IRAs are everywhere. You can start one at your local bank or go online to any number of online advisors.

That leaves self-directed (DIY) IRAs or managed IRAs.

Self-directed IRAs are great for people who know what they are doing. They are not so great for people who overestimate their investing knowledge. They are terrible for people who tell themselves they are going to put in the work to manage their self-directed IRAs, and then quickly grow too busy, get too lazy, or just lose interest.

IRAs are a great tool that lets you gain exposure to the broad world economy. This is achieved through domestic and foreign stocks, bonds, and funds that allow you to position your money to grow with current and future trends while hedging against trends that devalue your retirement funds.

For example, geopolitical changes are on track to rebalance the trade relationship between the U.S. and China. Currency fluctuations are imminent. Such a major shift requires making the moves to put yourself on the right side of these changes.

Self-directed IRAs require you to keep up with events like this and research how to manage your money in response. For those who do this anyway, the self-directed option may be great.

For those who don’t, especially if their eyes glaze over just reading about currency fluctuations, managed IRAs provide the path to gaining the benefit of market moves without having to spend their time and energy trying to anticipate them.


Are managed IRAs the best option for your individual needs?

It comes down to the advantages of professional advice. If professional advice will help you attain your retirement goals, managed IRAs are for you.

Managed IRAs are tailored to your needs. Your manager structures your investments according to your risk tolerance and goals.

Managed IRAs provide you with an investment pro who can help you make decisions based on financial principles instead of emotion. They help you decide when to take profits. They counsel you through market turmoil.

They provide professional risk management.

They give you peace of mind.

Nowadays, everybody is busy, and the markets are more complex than ever. With a managed IRA, you can sleep at night, knowing your retirement is secure.


How much do they cost?

Surprisingly, investors can obtain managed IRA’s for a very little out of pocket.

One of our favorite choices is opening up an account with GuidedChoice. They offer managed IRA accounts for an annual cost of just $5.70 to $6.30 a year for every $1,000 invested, plus a $50 fee for accounts under $50,000.

These fees are structured to provide affordability for the average IRA investor.

They also pay for themselves. Managed accounts perform an average of 3 percent better than self-directed accounts, according to a study by Vanguard.

GuidedChoice fees are less than 1 percent, sometimes less than 1/2 percent. Unless you are a market guru like Jim Kramer, a managed account is a great option to use.


How long has GuidedChoice been in business?

GuidedChoice was founded in 1999. It manages $15 billion in investments for 1.5 million customers. Its advisors provide financial advice in a fiduciary capacity, working for the client’s best interest rather than for sales commissions.

GuidedChoice provides individual IRAs and employee benefit IRAs to small businesses. Customers also enjoy benefits like the IRA calculator. This interactive tool allows customers to change their investment levels and explore many options available within their IRA accounts.

Investing has always been complex, and today’s globalized economy makes it even more challenging. By working with a firm that specializes in managed IRAs, you can have access to professional investment advice for a fee that pays for itself.


Where is the best place to open an IRA account?

If you are new to investing, want a hands off approach, and don’t want the hassle of learning everything on your own GuidedChoice is a great option.

Opening an account with GuidedChoice gives you access to a plethora of features and benefits.

For example:

  1. Transparent Fee’s – Always know what you are paying for and never be surprised.
  2. Personalized Plans – There is no one-size-fits-all IRA. That’s why GuidedChoice gives you the ability to customize your plan based on your savings rate and date of withdrawal. From there, they’ll provide a diversified investment portfolio, fit to meet your goals and designed to help you reach your savings goals.
  3. Automatic Rebalancing – GuidedChoice’s digital intelligence continuously monitors the funds you’re invested in and rebalances your account when necessary to keep you on track.
  4. Projected Wealth – You can see how small adjustments can create various outcomes, helping you make informed decisions while you answer those difficult questions, like, “Should I save more?” and, “When should I really withdraw?”
  5. Fast & Easy Sign Up – Benefit: Whether you’re opening a new IRA or rolling over an existing account, a few minutes is all it takes to start a personalized GuidedChoice IRA.

We always like to make sure an investment company has five things: they have been in business for a long time, has a fiduciary standard they practice, transparent fees, up with technology, and incredible customer service.

GuidedChoice meets all of our criteria for us to recommend them to others.

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