5 Gutter Cleaning Hacks That You Wish You Knew Sooner

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Gutter Cleaning

The fall season is upon us! There are so many things to be thankful for like pumpkin spice drinks, fall campfires, football and watching the leaves turn. Gutter cleaning is probably last on your list of things to remember. But trust me as a certified Home Inspector it’s so important!

Why is it so important to keep your gutters clean? There are many reasons like ice damming, roof damage, flooding, and more. Each fall it is critical to ensure your gutters are clean and ready for the colder months.

Below we are going to show you the best gutter cleaning hacks on the internet! In this article, you will learn how to clean your gutters safely and efficiently without having to put yourself in danger climbing a ladder.

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1) Gutter Blaster!

This gutter cleaning hack comes straight from the show Hack My Life. These two guys do a great job of showing you the absolute easiest way to clean your gutters. They prove that with a little ingenuity your ideas can become incredible life hacks that save time and money.

2) Rain Gutter Cleaner

Another absolutely awesome gutter cleaning hack that will be sure to save you time. I love this idea because it is safe and it should keep your gutters clean. Anyone that has climbed the ladder and used their bare hands can acknowledge how nasty it can be. Very similar to the Gutter Blaster, but this time you are using water instead of air pressure.

This is a great way to see if your gutters are flowing properly without having to climb a ladder and putting yourself in danger. The total cost of the PVC piping to make this should be under $10. Or you can purchase the Orbit Telescoping Gutter Cleaning Wand with Ratcheting Head for $20 on Amazon.

Found On: Instructables

3) Extendable Gutter Cleaning Wand

This gutter cleaning hose attachment works wonders! High pressure enough to not only get the leaves out of your gutter but you can also use it for cleaning your car. Nothing like a multi purpose tool to have around the house.


Found on: Amazon

4) Gutter Wedges

Fall gutter guard systems can cost thousands of dollars to install. As T$C we would never spend that kind of money when there are so many other savvy solutions. The Gutter Wedge on Amazon can do the same job at a fraction of the cost!

The patented flow-through design of the Wedge directs leaves and debris to flow up and away from the downspout opening, keeping it clear so rainwater can drain quickly and efficiently. This device takes just minutes to install.

Found on: Amazon

5) Old Fashion Ladder Climb and Clean

If all else fails and there is a clog or backup that can only be cleaned manually, be smart about it. First, ensure you have a safe ladder and you are capable of climbing. Once you get to the clog use a household tool or scoop to help reach further and clean the clog. As shown below a plastic spatula works perfectly, who knew?

Found on: The Family Handyman

Now that you know how to clean your gutters using the best gutter cleaning hacks on the internet what are you waiting for? Your gutters, house foundation, and landscaping will all thank you for maintaining your gutters on a regular basis. It’s a simple house maintenance item that too often gets overlooked. Feel free to share this with others that might find this article helpful!

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