How to Utilize Instagram Stories For Your New Blog

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Hey savvy people! We have a really insightful guest post today from our friend Jan Limark. He is a freelance writer for hire that ghostwrites, blogs and has copywriting services. His expertise are blogging, social media marketing, email growth, and online entrepreneurship. He loves helping online businesses construct the perfect content for their blogs. Today he is going to go in-depth why using Instagram stories is a great idea to drive traffic to your blog/business. Enjoy – T$C

The changing of social media

Information and communication have rapidly changed over the past 2 decades with the arrival of social media. Social media has been one of the greatest tools to use for marketing strategies by a lot of entrepreneurs. It provides a huge gateway to reaching the tons of people all over the world and it can effectively market your product.

Social media has encouraged its users to present themselves in an appealing manner because what people publish in their profiles actually stays there forever. But now, with the emergence of new features, that include sharing 24-hour stories, it can give people the confidence to share their posts in a unique way. And one of the social media sites that use these features is Instagram.

Instagram’s latest update was launched in order to compete with Snapchat’s rising popularity and has become quite a hit, especially with business marketers. Instagram stories are Instagram’s new feature that can show photos and videos that disappear after 24 hours. It is an interesting way of keeping your followers engaged and up-to-date while also publicly retailing your merchandise.

This new wave of updates has dramatically changed the way we use our social media sites and have also given a new type of platform that everyday bloggers find convenient and practical.

How do Instagram stories work?

Instagram stories are a series of photos and videos that are uploaded to a different feed for a period of 24 hours. Here are a few basic things to know for using Instagram stories:

  1. Instagram stories play in the order of which the user uploads his/her photos and videos. This means that whatever picture or video is uploaded first, that post is what will play first in the story.
  2. The posts in each story can neither be liked or commented on. However, it is possible to send a personal message to the uploader using the stories’ thread.
  3. The uploader is able to clearly see who viewed each post of the story respectively.
  4. Before uploading, users are given the option to decorate each post with fun stickers, finger paints and texts.
  5. Instagram stories also allow you to add photos or videos within the first 24 hours from your camera roll by simply swiping down.
  6. Users are also allowed to directly feature any part of their story to their regular feed by clicking on the ‘share’ button.
  7. All Instagram friends are able to view all parts of the story posted.

These 24-hour stories that Snapchat has popularized have now been used by Instagram users everywhere in the world, making it remarkably easy for entrepreneurs to effectively market their products and establishments.

Gaining new followers also means gaining a wider range of audience, thus making it incredibly easy to show them whatever you intend to advertise. So, how do you generate word-of-mouth and drive traffic to your new blog?

Here’s how to utilize Instagram stories:

Adding links

The easiest way to be able to get your name out there is to add links. Geographic links are links that can take the user to the series of photos or videos that were uploaded in the location linked. This is a great way to share user-generated content which are the best type of promotions.


Another great way to generate traffic is to tag your own profile onto your stories. This is to ensure that your audience is able to properly locate your profile and can make your product or services more noticeable. An audience can get a better perspective of your brand and blog.

Creating collaborations is also another way to generate traffic to your blog. Asking other users to tag your profile in their stories gives you access to a wider audience.


If you have a particular cause or event that may need more awareness, Instagram stories are the perfect way to give relevance to them. It is a unique and fun way to remind your loyal audience that there’s something big happening and that it is a must for them to not miss.

Fun Content

An easy way to generate traffic to your new blog is to create fun and interesting content in your stories. Creating fun content can easily pique the interest and curiosity of your audience. Giving your audience sneak peeks are one of the best ways to generate word-of-mouth which can gain you more followers and popularity.

Overall, Instagram stories are one of the best ways to share more content without having a messy feed can sometimes annoy or distract your audience. Brands can easily benefit from these features because it basically adds more context to their feeds.

If you are able to pair you Instagram stories with amazing contents, then you can effectively build a connection with your audience and these 24-hour stories can generate the traffic you need to make your new blog a big hit.


What social media platform do you use to drive traffic to your blog?

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