15 Genius Winter Hacks That Will Keep Your Home Cozy (and Save You Money)!

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winter woods covered in snow

Since the weather in Upstate New York has been literally FREEZING lately it’s the perfect time to share some amazing winter hacks that will help you save money.

Saying it’s been cold is an understatement. Just look at Niagra falls frozen solid!

These genius winter hack charts will not only keep you toasty warm this winter but also help you save a ton of money. So without further ado here are the best winter hacks we could find on the internet.

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1. Keep Your Family Cozy and Warm This Winter Season

Found on Global Efficient Energy

This chart is amazing at showing the areas in your house that you should be concerned about. Making sure your house has good seals around doors and windows is sure to save you a bunch energy loss this winter. They also mention getting a programmable thermostat, we can’t agree more. Once we upgraded to a Nest thermostat we started saving around 20% each money.


2. Winterproof Your House on a Budget

Found on Mint

We love the fact that Mint put this chart together. Most money-saving winter hacks cost money upfront but this chart is filled with budget-friendly low-cost upgrades to help you save this year.

3. The 12 Days of Christmas….I Mean Money Saving Winter Hacks

Found on Garretts Realty Group

Too often people forget the importance of fall clean up before the harsh winter shows up. Making sure your gutters are clean will help you avoid some costly repairs that ice damning can cause.

4. Find Your Trouble Spots For Energy Loss

Found on Hoosier Homemade

An absolutely epic winter hack chart by Hoosier Homemade. I love the fact that they point out the average household spends close to 50% on energy costs on their heating and lighting (1,500 square foot house). Since those two categories take up much of the expenses it’s worth focusing on those areas to SAVE!

5. Heat Your Home Efficiently

Found on McArthur Homes

Have you ever left your fireplace damper open? That’s a very fast way to waste tons of heat. A nice reminder to check your entire house for leaks and opening where heat can escape.

6. Make Your Own DIY Flower Pot Heater

Found on DIY JOY

This is a old DIY project for the winter but it sure does work wonders! A simple and effiecnt way to add a little extra heat to your house or garage. As always NEVER leave unattended.

7. Prevent Frozen Pipes So It Does Not Cost You A Fortune

Found on DS Plumbing

Frozen pipes are always something that concerns us when we leave our house for an extended period of time during the winter. With the average cost of repair over $7,000 it’s important to know how to prevent your pipes from freezing.

8. Quick and Easy Money-Saving Winter Hacks For Your Home

Found on NEPA Mom

Did you know covering your windows with blinds or drapery can reduce heat loss by 10%, crazy! Open the shades when the sun is shining down during the day and close them to keep the heat in at night. #savvy

9. Simple Airflow Winter Hack

Found on Mom 4 Real

This is a winter hack that many people don’t know. The switch on your overhead fans is there to be used during different seasons. Up in the winter and down in the summer. Since heat rises you will circulate the warm air downward to warm up the room.

10. Epic Winter Survival Infographic From Visualistan

Found on Visualistan

Some awesome winter hacks in this chart! Did you know that hot showers in the winter actually dry out your skin? You are better off taking warm showers. Much easier said than done on those fridged mornings.

11. Winter Cleaning Checklist

Found on House Logic

Changing out your furnace air filter should be done on a regular basis but especially during the winter months. A bad air filter can cause your air to not flow effectively which will cause your furnace to run longer to circulate the air correctly. You can find cheap replacement furnace filters right on Amazon.

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12. DIY Tips For Staying Toasty Warm

Found on Wonder How To

Anyone else love to stand in front of the oven after you bake something in the winter? Since you are already using energy to cook why not turn it into a heat source by leaving the door open after your done?

13. Mega List of Ideas to Save Money On Your Electric Bill

Found on Sunrun

So many amazing ideas in this money-saving chart. Time to get our a peice of paper and go through this checklist to start saving some serious money!

14. How to Handel The Power Going Out During The Winter

Found on Rodale’s Organic Life

Losing power at some point is almost inevitable every few years during the cold months. It’s always a great reminder to be prepared and know the proper steps to take. The five steps listed above are great!

15. Emergency Essentials to Weather a Winter Storm

Found on  Preparedness Mama

Let’s take being prepared to another level. Just last year we lost power for almost 48 hours during a crazy winter storm. Luckily we moved our food to the garage to save it from spoiling. This checklist is another awesome tool to use to prepare for winter each year.

What’s Your Favorite Way To Stay Warm During Winter?

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