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Kelan Brittany Kallie Kline

How to Pay Off Debt: 10 Strategies We Used to Pay Off $25,000 in 5 Months

At age 28 my wife Brittany and I were sitting at the dinner table and decided we were sick and tired of living in debt.  We had started with over $40,000 out of college and slowly chipped away at it over five years getting it down to $25,000.  We knew our debt was holding us back from living a life of freedom and committed to attacking and destroying it with

Woman in home office with computer using telephone smiling

27 Best Work From Home Tips That Will Make You Work Like A Superstar

Whether you freelance, run an online business, or just snagged a remote job, you get to enjoy the ultimate freedom of working from home. But with all this flexibility come certain challenges, such as staying on task and avoiding the distractions of napping and Netflix. According to Rescue Time working remotely can be far more productive than in-person at an office.  To help you be productive, happy, and sane, we’ve