March Blog Traffic and Social Media Update

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclaimer for more info.


This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more information.

Hey $avvy people! We set out last month with a hefty goal of increasing our blog traffic to 5,000 page views. We fell a little short but had some awesome growth on our social media. Below we will lay out exactly what we did last month to increase our page views by 30% from 3,332 to 4,356.


Blog traffic

We grew our blog traffic by 30% this month! On top of that we had a few social media accounts double in their following! We explain exactly what we did to make this happen,. come check it out!


With being just over 6 months into blogging part-time we are very excited to be seeing continued growth. We are by no means satisfied, our goal by the end of summer is 10,000 page views month.

We love writing these blog traffic updates because it’s a great way to set our goals publicly to ensure we hit them. On top of the motivation in sharing our goals we think people can learn from our mistakes and watch our progress along the way.


Goals from last month We grew our blog traffic by 30% this month! On top of that we had a few social media accounts double in their following! We explain exactly what we did to make this happen,. come check it out!

  • Grow blog traffic to 5,000 total views (Yikes!)
  • Continue to learn and grow our Pinterest following
  • Increase twitter followers to over 1,000
  • Grow Facebook page likes to 250
  • Increase Instagram to 2,250 followers
  • Guest post for another blog
  • Stick to a weekly blog post schedule
  • Make first affiliate sale
  • Live more frugal & free <3


March posts

We had some very popular posts in March that drove a majority of our blog traffic. We finally were able to stick to a posting schedule. From here on out our weekly articles will be posted on Monday mornings. This strategy seemed to work best so we can promote our own content early in the week, then switch over to guest posts later in the week.

Consistency is key when trying to grow an audience. In March we were able to publish eight posts to our blog. We also wrote a guest post on Dollar Diligence about cutting your cable. Our two posts a week is a goal we would like to continue to maintain. If you missed any of our articles from last month they are all listed here:

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Social media following

Last month we really wanted to focus on Pinterest to grow our following and drive our blog traffic. Well, we fell a little short of that goal. We did grow our following by over 300 new followers, but we did not see the increase in page views we wanted. Out of all of our social media accounts, Pinterest seems to be the most difficult for us. It’s a catch 20-20 because Pinterest can be a HUGE asset to a blog.

All of our social media found significant growth besides Instagram. We have found Instagram provides very little traffic to our site so there is no real reason to focus on it right now. We will continue to use it as a “behind the scenes” platform, so if you’re interested in please follow us =).

Facebook: 275 page likes (40% increase from 196) 

Twitter: 2060 followers (247% increase from 594)

Pinterest: 660 followers (124% increase from 295)

Instagram: 2,171 followers (3.1% increase from 2105)

Email List: 100 subscribers (54% increase from 65)


What worked to grow our blog traffic

Lot’s of social media engagement! We saw our twitter following explode by doing so. Using Buffer and Hootsuite in tandem to automate our social media accounts has worked out great. We had a tweet that got retweeted 20+ times which was AWESOME!

Networking has really been HUGE in growing our blogging traffic. We love subscribing to others in our industry of personal finance and reading their blog posts to get inspiration from. Learning is something we really enjoy, so reading others blog posts about personal finance, money, investing, budgeting, retirement, is a no-brainer.

Affiliate sales! We made a handful of them this month, which is extremely exciting. In starting this blog just over six months ago we definitely saw it as a hobby, as we grow we realize it can be so much more. We just got approved for affiliate programs with Turbo Tax, Personal Capital and Quickbooks. All of these are companies we love to use on a regular basis, so partnering with them is very exciting.

One piece of advice for anyone wanting to start a side hustle or business, you need to hustle. There is no way around the hard work that gets put into something like a blog, e-commerce store, digital marketing business, etc. We have put in hundreds of hours into our blog and have seen very little income off of it. Be self-motivated, patient, and have long-term goals in mind.


What did not work to grow our blog traffic

Overall we saw an increase in both blog traffic and social media following across the board. We believe they go hand in hand. If you have a larger social media following, then you are going to get more blog traffic.

We discovered our blog traffic coming from Facebook groups is only temporary traffic. They are people who come to our site only after we post an article and get the group to engage with it. Getting readers to subscribe once coming to our site is the only real way to have them be “repeat readers”.

Over our six months of blogging, we have learned how important our email list is. If you have not started capturing emails on your website, start today! When a reader provides you with their email they are instilling trust in you. Trust that you will not spam their email box, but provide quality content similar to what they have already found on your site. An email subscriber is a “true fan”. These people are critical in growing your blogging traffic.

We failed again with Pinterest like we stated above. This month we will totally be revamping our Pinterest strategy and get a system in place when posting our articles. Pinterest has really become a content search engine over the last five years, we want to make sure our pins are optimized so new readers can find us.

Our bounce rate is still a little concerning. We did see it get lowered by a percent, so it’s progress. Our external links were not all opening in new tabs, which might have caused a higher bounce rate. The problem is resolved.


Goals for April

  • Grow blog traffic to 6,000 total views.
  • Explode our Pinterest following to over 1,000
  • Double our twitter following to 5,000
  • Grow Facebook page likes to 400
  • Increase Instagram to 2,300 followers
  • Guest post for another blog
  • Continue to grow affiliate sales
  • Look into upgrading our website to genesis or thesis framework
  • Live more frugal & free <3

Looking forward to what April has in store for our blog. We have a week long vacation in April so we should be able to get some extra time in. Helps us reach our April goals by sharing your favorite articles!

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How are you growing your blog or small business?



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