14 Ways to Save Big on Valentine’s Day

Valentine's day

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Chocolates, flowers, romantic dinners, and cards are all part of the “norms” for Valentine’s Day. When we think about the breakdown of those prices, it is no wonder why the national consumer in America spends around $140 on this day of love. This amount comes from National Retail Federation’s annual survey.

Kelan has always hated Valentine’s Day. For the past 12 years, I have always heard the groans and complaints as we enter into February. Me, on the other hand, like any other girl who loves the romanticized ideologies of February 14th (too many Hallmark Channel movies). Kelan and I do share one very important aspect of the holiday and that is obviously the cost. If The Savvy Couple paid the average $140 on Valentine’s Day we would be breaking the budget. We all know how important it is to live on a budget. Below are 14 ways to save money on Valentine’s Day that will not break your budget.


1. Candle Light Dinner

I feel like this is the most common date idea that is given to save money. For good reason, though! The price of going out to eat for two can range widely depending on the restaurant that you attend. Restaurants also use “fixed menus” on holidays which means higher prices. Find a recipe online, go shopping together for the ingredients, and cook the meal.


2.Workout Together

While others are spending money and consuming an intake of unnecessary calories, make a healthy decision. Head to the gym and crush a couples workout together. If your not into the gym do something active: bike, swim, hike, walk etc. Not only will the gym be empty, but you will have a better day after Valentine’s Day feeling.

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3. Movie Night

The cost of going to the movies is outrageous, add in the price of popcorn and drinks and you have doubled the price that you paid for tickets. Swing by your local Redbox and grab a movie to bring back home to enjoy in the comfort of your own home. Text “MOVIE” to “727272” to grab yourself a FREE 1-day rental. Netflix, Amazon Video, Hulu, HBO Go are all other options to consider.

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4.Valentine’s Day Card?

To buy a card or not to buy a card, that is the question. Two ways to save on a card: (1) dollar store (2) homemade. The cards at any dollar type stores are just as good as any Hallmark card just at a discounted price. Kelan has always made me the sweetest handmade cards and they are always more special than a generic store bought a card.


5. Scope Out Groupon

If you are a couple that really enjoys doing something on Valentine’s Day, check out Groupon. Here you can explore so many different date ideas for low prices. Couples massages, dinner to a new restaurant, try out a fitness class, go bowling and so many different discounts on fun experiences for Valentine’s Day.


6. Create Art

Head to your local craft store and liquor store. Pick up a blank canvas, paint, brushes, and a bottle of wine. This date idea will be cheaper than heading to a class that will supply these items for you. Search YouTube for step by step painting on a blank canvas and you will be able to share an experience together.


7. Fondue for Two

A few years ago I went to a large household sale that had a fondue section. I picked up a set on the last day of the sale when everything was 75% off. Grab some fresh fruit and milk chocolate from the store. Melt, dip, and enjoy!


8. Slideshow of Pictures

When we started dating, pictures were still developed at a local photo center at a pharmacy or grocery store. Digital cameras were just on the rise. Luckily for us, the majority of our relationship has been recorded digitally. One thing that we love to do is play our digital photos and videos through our TV and reminiscence about our journey throughout the years. Experiences mean the world to us!


9. Spa Night

During our white elephant Christmas party with our family this year, we opened a foot spa. We also were gifted a peppermint sugar scrub that pairs great with the foot spa. Spend the night relaxing and pampering each other after a long workday on Valentine’s Day (always a bummer when it falls on a work week day).


10. Make Plans

Planning for the future is always fun. Plan your next vacation together or create a bucket list. Looking up vacation spots is exciting and planning ahead can save you a lot of money searching for the best deal. We always use Trip Advisor to look at pictures and reviews.

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11. Play in the Snow

We live in New York where Valentine’s Day is in the middle of the fridged winter. There are so many activities to do in the snow. Some include making a snowman, sledding, skiing, and going for a walk. We also have access to snowmobiles and have local trails near our house. Bundle up and head out! Enjoy hot chocolate together when you get back inside.


12. Old School Style

Bring it back old school style and break out some board games. Nowadays, technology runs our lives and is a constant in front of us. Take a break from technology for the night, skip your TV show routine. Have fun at the table playing Scrabble, Boggle, Monopoly, Life, or cards and have real conversations.


13. Go Through Old Memories

With being together for 12 years, we have saved a significant amount of memorabilia. We have containers full of old notes and experiences that we have done together. Use Valentine’s Day as a way to rekindle memories that you have shared over the years and have brought you together with your loved one.


14. Create a Year Full of Dates

One of the best gifts we have ever received was from Kelan’s mom. She gave us a whole year of date ideas printed out on strips of red, white, and pink paper and placed in Valentine’s container. Anytime we need an idea for a date throughout the year, we can pull one out. Grab some paper, Google search date ideas, and you will set yourself up for the rest of the year.

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What do you do on Valentine’s Day to save money? Share in the comments below!




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